The Reds star James Milner has opened up on the feelings that he went through when manager Jurgen Klopp asked him to play in the left-back position. The Englishman was slotted into that defensive role but did not prefer playing there for however long he was supposed to when Liverpool was going through a rough patch. He obviously did what he could for the team, though it has not really left a good taste in his mind now, though it has benefitted the team in the long run.

When Klopp took charge over Liverpool back in October 2015 he took over a side that was struggling defensively for quite a while. The German boss took the Reds to the League Cup final as well as the Europa League final but defensive errors cost them both the titles. Left-back Alberto Moreno was susceptible to errors and cost Liverpool silly goals. There was the talk of Klopp recruiting a new left-back in the summer but he decided to use England midfielder James Milner in that role. And an injury to the Spaniard Moreno as well as the lack of form meant that Milner has to deputize for the former Sevilla defender for the following season.

Milner spent the majority of the 2016-17 term as a left back although he is a natural midfielder. The versatile Liverpool star slotted well for the Merseyside outfit at the left-hand side of the defense scoring seven goals and notching up three assists as well in the whole campaign. Milner played 36 Premier League games as a left back and added further insult to Alberto Moreno even when the 26-year-old was fit.

Initially, Milner did not want to take up the responsibility even though he knew what it meant. But the former Manchester City star has stated that it fell on deaf ears because he wanted to help and contribute to the team in any which way as possible.

While speaking to FourTwoFour, Milner recalls that incident when he had to step in at left-back for the first time, “I think the first time I had to play at left-back was at Manchester United in the Europa League. Alberto Moreno was injured and the manager gave me a choice: did I want to play at left-back or right-back?”

“My answer was, ‘That’s like asking which one of these guys do you want to spend a night with your missus?!’ His English wasn’t that good then, so I think it went over his head!'”

Ever since last season, one player that has managed to cement his role under Jurgen Klopp’s team and he is Andrew Robertson. The Scotsman has been a revelation and a massive upgrade to Milner and Moreno in the left-back position. Robertson’s impressive outings for Liverpool have allowed Milner to return to the central midfield position.

Last season, Milner provided nine assists in the Champions League for Liverpool, a tournament record, which helped Klopp’s side to the final of the competition only to lose to Real Madrid in the final.