WWE is having a Christmas clearance event as the company released 4 superstars in one day. Ever since the emergence of AEW, WWE has been reluctant to release any of their superstars in fear that they might join the rival company. There have been several reports throughout the year that many superstars have been unhappy been with their position in the company and want to go elsewhere.

The company didn’t fulfil any of their requests and instead took them off TV to pay them for doing nothing. It looks like there is a change in the company’s policy and the rumours are to be believed, we might see further releases in the days to come. It’s a Christmas miracle for several unhappy superstars. Santa Clause is real after all.

The first superstar to be released was Jorge Arias, formerly known as Sin Cara in the WWE universe. Arias shared the news on Instagram and the company later confirmed the news in an official statement. He joined WWE in 2009 as Hunico in the company’s developmental territories and made his main roster debut in August 2011 on SmackDown when he portrayed the character of Sin Cara for the first time in place of the original Sin Cara, Luis Urive.

For those who don’t know, Luis Urive was the first wrestler to portray the character Aof Sin Cara. Due to the revenue, his merch was making, WWE decided to keep the gimmick and replace Luis with Arias.

Arias’ biggest accomplishment in WWE was winning the NXT tag team championship with Kalisto. But, he couldn’t do much in the main roster. Despite his cool gimmick and wrestling moves, he was always an afterthought for the management.

On Sunday afternoon, after announcing Arias’ release, WWE in their official site announced the release of Luke Harper, formerly known as Jonathan Huber. Harper requested his release in April this year, stating the fact that he is not happy with his position in WWE and wants to return to the independent circuit.

However, Dave Meltzer of WON reported that WWE is going to extend Harper’s current contract by 6 months due to the time he missed due to the injury. His last match was a tornado tag team with Rowan against Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell which he lost.

The departure of WWE talent continued on SuThe Ascensionnday as the company announced the release of Konnor and Viktor, The Ascension. For the last couple of years, they were wrestling almost exclusively at the WWE Main Event.

The duo’s last match in the company was again at the company’s C show against The Heavy Machinery on April 8, 2019, which they lost.

They were one of the top teams in NXT but they couldn’t continue the same momentum in the main roster. Viktor was apparently really happy with his release as he tweeted the gif of Mel Gibson shouting “Freedom!”.

Let us see if WWE will release more such underutilized talent (Rusev) in the coming days or not. They have a lot of top stars now and things could change. Let’s wait and watch.