In the fight between TikTok and YouTube, a lot of Vloggers have been involved. The hashtag of TikTokvsYouTube was also trending all over social media. It had gone so out of hand that the Chinese brand had to ban it from their app. Many celebrities and cricketers also make such videos. Out of the Indian contingent, one famous TikToker is right-arm leg-spinner, Yuzvendra Chahal.

The Indian cricketer is known for his funny and goofy content on the app. He has been one of the highlights of this lockdown, with regards to the trends and the news. If not for Chahal, the cricketing world would have possibly gone into boredom.

He enjoys a healthy following on the app, whatever may be the reason for it. His videos are watched by one and all. Well, that is what seems to be the case at least. Whatever be the case, the player seems to be enjoying himself and his team-mates love him for his antics.

What Kohli Said And What Followed?

Skipper Virat Kohli had trolled Yuzvendra Chahal, recently in a chat with South African cricketer AB de Villiers. It was a fun conversation where the duo decided to have a laugh at his expense. The player took it all sportingly, as he knows that he is loved by them.

Recently, another player was asked what he thought about Chahal’s TikTok videos. The player was none other than wicket-keeper-batsman KL Rahul. The 28-year-old star was on a live Q & A session on Twitter.

He was asked a series of questions including the one about Yuzvendra Chahal as well. It was Saurabh Malhotra, who put down the question about the ever-trending Chahal.

The reply to the question was obviously a funny one. In his response to the question, KL Rahul said that Chahal should stick to bowling googlies on the field. We all know that the latter has been trolled a lot for these videos in recent times.

The best part is that he takes it all sportingly. That is exactly why Virat Kohli and co. really love him and appreciate his sense of humour.

Below is the Tweet that went viral-

The fact of the matter is that Chahal is the talk of the town now. He has been the most-talked-about cricketer in most of the live-videos that the players have been doing. On the other hand, he has a new time-pass and hobby to build on.

He could make a career out of this, post his cricket. The way things stand at the moment, Yuzvendra Chahal is already a star. That is, in his mind at least. It will be interesting to see how this story develops now.

The story still remains that Chahal is a slapstick cricketer, who enjoys the limelight. Plus, with this lockdown and no cricket, it seems that he is bored too. Who wouldn’t be? We all miss the game and really want it to be back soon. However, in the meantime, at least Chahal is doing something productive. At least, that is what the TikTokers would tell you. Let’s not start another debate here!! Cheers!!