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Former Liverpool Man Luis Suarez Set for Shock Arsenal Move, As Barcelona Willing To Cash In On Wenger’s Desperation

It turns out it’s not just Liverpool who, having once been linked with a transfer target, are destined to be linked to that player again and again regardless of changes in circumstance. It’s also a situation that would seem to apply to Arsenal, at least in the case of Luis Suarez, as after failing to land the striker for £40m and a pound two years ago they are being linked with a shock move for him this month.

Suarez has failed to live up to his £70m transfer fee since heading to Barcelona from Liverpool over the summer, and sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta—the man who targeted him—has been sacked. It’s on these grounds there is a report stating that an Arsenal deal is now in the works, as Arsene Wenger looks to land the striker he failed to get two summers back.

The main takeaway for Liverpool fans should be a good chuckle and perhaps an added appreciation for just how ridiculous transfer rumours get and how willing the bottom feeding press are to run with stories lacking even the slightest hint of believability, let alone solid sourcing. Arsenal may have more cash to spend than in the past, but even if Barcelona were willing to sell Suarez, they wouldn’t be taking a loss on him after six months.

While it’s possible a fringe youngster or two might still be allowed to leave, given they can’t sign new players the thought of them willingly selling a first team player like Suarez is ludicrous, even if he has largely failed to live up to expectations since arriving at Camp Nou.

Beyond all that, there’s the small matter of Barcelona being Suarez’ dream destination. It’s the club he was trying to get to from the moment he arrived in Europe, and it’s where his wife’s family lives. Even if Barcelona were willing to cut their losses on him, and even if Arsenal were willing to pay around £70M for his services, and even if the Catalans weren’t in the midst of a transfer ban, it’s a deal that almost certainly wouldn’t happen.

Despite all that, Luis Suarez to Arsenal this month is now a thing.

Congrats sir you just got TROLLED

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