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Dota Fever : Author’s Top Five Hero Picks That Can Turn Around Games

Defence of the Ancients (DOTA) is a multiplayer online battle area mod for the video game Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne . It is a 5 person a team, game in which 2 teams namely ‘The Sentinals’ and ‘The Scourge’ comprising of total 10 players battle each other to conquer the other’s team throne. It is a complete strategy based game in which each player gets to choose a hero of their wish from option of 112 heroes. The whole games revolve around strengthening the individual’s hero with time and using them to destroy the heavily safe guarded throne of the opponent. The first dota map was released in 2003 by a map-maker named Eul.

The picks one has in his team of heroes massively effects the result of the game. Hence, it gets pretty confusing to take the appropriate hero. Everyone has their best picks which they love to play . Every hero can own depends on how they are played. When it comes to me, my top 5 heroes are as follows –

5. Dazzle:

According to me, undoubtedly the best support hero in the game. Its abilities include poison touch, shallow grave , shadow wave and weave. Poison touch slows the enemies’ movement and eventually paralyzes them, it can lend a huge help to other hitter’s to take the kill. Shallow grave is one of the best abilities which prevents any damage causing death for 5 seconds also could be used on ally heroes.

Shadow wave has a dual effect , it heals the ally heroes and damages the enemy units and heroes close by , when used properly can cause a lot of damage. Weave is used to decrease armour of enemy heroes over interval of 1 second by 1 (-1 per second) , it carries a big advantage in ganks to take out the enemy. Personally making items like Skadi and armlet can make dazzle near to impossible to kill. The support who never dies and doesn’t let his team mates die too, well, if you know how to play him right that is.

4. Zeus:

Okay so here is the lightning god of the sentinel ZEUS ! This is the hero i learned Dota with and surely one of the best mid-lanners in game. The abilities include arc lightning, lightning bolt, static field and Thundergod’s wrath. Arc lightning hurls a bolt of lightning energy that damages many nearby enemy units, it has a 1.5 second cool-down which can cause a big pain for the enemy. Lightning bolt summons a bolt of lightning causing heavy damage on the enemy unit and also revealing any hidden units.

Static field gives a shock to nearby units whenever Zeus causes a spell. Finally the ultimate power can be the best asset of the team which strikes down all enemy units on the whole map with a heavy damage and also revealing their locations. When combined with Aghanims Sceptre and Refresher Zeus’s Thundergod’s wrath can alone kill enemy heroes. It’s a must play hero.

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