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The Main Reason Why Manchester United Fans Should Love Marouane Fellaini

A lot of players have made the buzz of social media over the years. Some with their awesome skill, while others with controversies. They have been loved, hated, appreciated and even ridiculed at times, though every player who plays and gives his 100% for his club, eventually gets on thing from the fans, which makes the biggest difference, RESPECT.

One such player, who has been making a name for himself on social media, especially Twitter in the recent weeks is Marouane Fellaini.

The Belgian international, who was criticized a lot by the fans time and time again, finally did manage to earn the respect of the fans.

He was hurt during the game against Real Madrid and still continued to play on, due to which his image went viral.

Soon after, the audiences online started making memes of the midfielder and he was an “internet hit” in no time.

Here are some of the images that we wanted to share with you fans :

The images are indeed funny and the best thing about the whole was that the 29 year old superstar took it in the right spirit, as he joked and laughed about it, not just with the Red Devils’ fans, but others as well.

Below is the Tweet that he sent out to his fans and followers :

This is a great thing for a footballer to do and not many can do the same, it must be said. Many of the players might have been offended or would have got the images removed (quite tough these days), though Fellaini did the opposite.

Now, we are no one to comment why Jose Mourinho likes him, but on a personal note, I always felt that he was a manager’s player.

He was not the “super-special” kind of player, but always did what was asked of him, by the manager and has already shown how hard-working and committed he is.

If United does win the league in the seasons to come, if not more, then the former Everton man will be one star, who will have put in a lot of efforts for that win, that will be certain.

Whether the fans acknowledge that or not, the manager does, which is the reason why he did not sell the tall versatile player, though he let some of the more quality stars leave the club.

Current News-

The Manchester based side beat West Ham 4-0, in their opening fixture of the new campaign, which will be a positive start for Mourinho and his team. Summer signing Romelu Lukaku came good, with a couple of goals, which would have surely boosted his morale.

Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba also scored a goal each that helped their team secure an easy win at home.

The game at Old Trafford was totally one sided and this was something that the supporters of the other clubs would not have expected. They would have at least hoped that the Hammers would give their opponents on the night, something to think about.

However, it was not the case and Mourinho’s men secured an easy win.

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