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Manchester United Star Makes Claim About Former Liverpool Man, Red Devils’ Fans Given Hope Of Possible Deal

 Barcelona’s humongous buyout has made ripples throughout the world, beyond the club and fanbases.  As the dust just beginning to settle, can you imagine the picture of how the world soccer landscape will be altered by the €160m transfer?

A major consequence of the deal would be Barcelona might no longer have the money to sign Juventus’ Paulo Dybala, the playmaker who was reportedly linked with the Catalan club. Another big name is there, whose arrival at Camp Nou now getting fade by this incident and that is Antonie Griezmann, who has demanded a gigantic €400m from the Red Devils.

An example of a small consequence of the transfer is that Inter Milan may receive a modest sum of €2.5m from the sum because they sold Coutinho to Liverpool for only £8.5m back in 2013.

One person who would likely to feel the effects of the transfer, on a personal level, is Manchester United’s Paul Pogba. The former Juventus midfielder made his high-profile move to Old Trafford back in 2016. The €105m price-tag has lumbered him with enormous pressure to live up to the terms of his contract. His performance went dull under the expectations. But he revived again when Neymar clinched the ‘costliest player tag’ during his move to PSG.

However, it seems that Coutinho’s deal has  lightened his shoulder a bit! And it may turn to be a reunion with his old Juventus mate Dybala. Dybala is expected to reunite with Pogba at United, with his long-term future at Juventus being uncertain.

United’s wish got further helped today when PSG dismissed the news of signing the Argentina international.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi (chairman of PSG) said: “The truth is there are a lot of good players in Serie A, not just Dybala.”

“If we are interested in him, we’ll call Juventus. Agnelli (President of Juventus) is a good friend but I can tell you that Dybala, at the moment, is not the key to PSG’s future.”


However, Pogba seemed to be happy in Manchester United, though he had a chance to go at Santiago Bernabeu. When he was asked about it, he replied, “To be honest, Real Madrid came to me and I was thinking to go there, and I was thinking to go to Manchester United too.”

“But I always felt it in my heart. My heart told me to come back here, I don’t know why I didn’t know what was going to happen. But I did it, and I don’t regret. I never regret my choice.”

United only finished at fifth in the Premier League in Pogba’s first season back at the club. But they won the Carabao Cup and the Europa League.

“That’s what we were expecting, to go back in the Champions League and to win some trophies. Obvi, usually, the main objective was to win the Premier League. It didn’t happen but we won other trophies, so I’m glad.” , the Manchester United star player told.

He further added, “I came back for a reason, just to put Manchester United where they belong. I’m sure we can do that so I’m going to give my best until we arrive there.”


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