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Final Transfer Update On This Manchester United Target, All Set To Move To Old Trafford This Summer?

When the world has gone into the gallant satisfaction with his extraordinary presence in the left flank last night, for whom Santiago Bernabeu witnessed their immense dominance in the European competition, who came as a substitute and bend the result towards the home side, two assists in three minutes, the transfer window news may break the heart of Real Madrid fans about their hero last night.


It is not a secret that relation between the French manager and this Spaniard has gone all wrong. With the injury prone Gareth Bale, Real Madrid may also offload this attacking midfielder in the coming summer. Where Zidane already declared this lad to be in his ‘black book’, Asensio is not far enough.

According to a Madrid based newspaper, he declared not be at Bernabeu next season if Zidane continues to stay in. After all his efforts at Bernabeu, maybe he is not completely wrong i guess! Less playing time, less chance in starting eleven, using in odd off position, this is a complete waste of a talent, and when world cup is at doors, who wants to spend his business time at bench?


Premier League may have a team if eleven foxes, but the twelfth one doesn’t belong to the King Power stadium. He resides at Old Trafford. Yes, the master of hijacks, still fails to top the league, Jose Mourinho is reported to take advantage of this Midrid chaos. Well, he knows better than anyone, what happens when a manager player dual takes place. No one forgot about the clash in his last season at Madrid with Ronaldo. Their bold relationship went down day by day as they publicly clashed using words against each other. So chill and relax, Ronaldo isn’t going to his ‘childhood home’ Old Trafford. At least not under Mourinho take in!


Whatever, things with Marco Asensio has gone rogue too much and Manchester United are the one who wants to build up their midfield strong before the next season kicks off (offcourse, next season, are you still thinking about this one?).

Midfield has been a serious issue for Manchester United this season. No one showed consistency except the king Pogba and Lingard. Fellaini maybe leaving after this one, Matic is struggling, Mata is failing to finish, who do you expect to shine? Ander Herrera?

After hijacking Alexis in forward line, Asensio would be a high class addition for Manchester United.

But ‘Papa’ (Dad) Perez is as sharp as your doubting girlfriend’s mind! He would never let go one of the brightest prospects of the world football today. But if it is inevitable to stop Asensio in sake of this bright future, a swap deal may take place which may shake things up at Old Trafford too. David De Gea in exchange of Asensio.

‘Bolo manzoor hai’? (Hindi, ‘Do you agree’?)


If De Gea says ‘No’, Perez may apparently turn his money to Tottenham hitman Harry Kane.

Tottenham is known as the harvesting ground of Real Madrid. But this time they may prove reluctant to let go of their hotshot as they prepare to move into a new ground though.

So here a new competitor takes their entry, the Blues of Stamford Bridge!

Real Madrid has always been looking for a left winger since they watched José Carrasco, Ronaldinho, Neymar in their arch-rival side, and Eden Hazard would be a tailor fit in the Madrid side. Though the rumour was first of the Bale- Hazard swap, but is it sound so bad?  A Hazard-Asensio swap?


The early summer has seen arrival of Morata at Bridge from the Spanish capital. So if there another swap takes place, well, should we feel surprised?

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