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The One Decision That Manchester United Boss Jose Mourinho Will Forever Regret?

Can you name the most successful player of the season playing in European competitions? Yes, if you are truly a football supporter, you will probably utter the name, whom the world watched to become a star character. Mohamed Salah, the Egyption mysterio, emerged like a king and rule in the world of football. The 25-years-old forward has pushed his nation to the stage of World Cup after two decades. It was 1990 when Egypt last played in the main stage of the world competition and now it is the time when they must make it a history, a good and memorable one. On the hand, Liverpool is also in the semifinals of Champions League after a decade and guess who is behind that!
A stats of 45 goals and 13 assists yet, Mohamed Salah is one of the dark horses to clinch the golden boot this season as well the Ballon D’or, for which Liverpool must win the Champions League.

Salah came to Anfield at the beginning of the season from Roma, but guess what, he was in the Chelsea squad back in 2014-16 and the management let him go out of Stamford Bridge. The current Manchester United Jose Mourinho was the manager of Chelsea then and he has been criticised by the Chelsea fans for several times due to that decision.

Finally he has spoken about the issue recently and said that Mohamed Salah’s departure from Chelsea in 2016 was the club’s choice, not his. Salah joined Liverpool for just €42m and now he may made him worth of thousands of millions. The forward has won the Premier League Player of the Year beating Kevin De Bruyne and looks impressive ahead of the second leg of the semi final of Champions League in Rome.

The Egyptian got chance in only 19 matches for Chelsea back then during his two and a half spell at the Bridge. He spent times on loan at Fiorentina and Roma before joining the latter permanently in August 2016. Mourinho who is now the manager of United, claims that it was Chelsea’s decision entirely as former Basel man was not ready to make his mark on the Premier League at that point.

Mourinho was furious and also upset about the critics he has faced for that issue. He said to a famous news agency that It is the first time that he is going to say this, but it is another injustice that has been talked about him. People say that he was the one that sold Salah and it is the opposite, he bought Salah. He also added that he was the one that told Chelsea to buy Salah. It was with him in charge that Salah came to Chelsea. Mourinho looked so much emotional remembering the Egyptians early days and said that Salah came as a young kid, he was not ready physically, mentally, socially and culturally. Salah was all lost and everything was tough for him.

Mourinho also said that we decided to put him on loan and he asked for that as well. According to the United manager Salah was demanding more minutes to mature, to evolve. He said that Salah himself wanted to go and the management sent him on loan to Fiorentina, and at Fiorentina he started to mature. He said at last that Chelsea decided to sell him, not him.


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