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A List Of 10 Countries And Their Highest Paid Cricketers

Over the years, the game of cricket has evolved a lot. With respect to rules, popularity, and most importantly, financially. The gentleman’s game has grown up to be one of the highest paying sports allover the world. Especially, the salaries given by BCCI to its staff and Cricketers are unimaginably high. With the introduction of T20, these numbers rose up even further.

The shorter format of the game is more attractive and does bring in the most money. The salaries that the respective IPL franchises pay to their players often shock the common masses. TV commercials and sports marketing is also a big source of income for these players. However, this income varies highly depending on the countries these players play for.

Below given is a list of 10 countries and their highest-paid cricketers:-

10. Asghar Afghan – Afghanistan (Rs 5.83 lakhs)


The credit of Afghanistan’s massive growth in cricket goes to their former captain Asghar Afghan. A few years ago, the skipper used to get a monthly salary of $400 USD (Rs 27,761). However, according to a change in the Afghanistan cricket board’s rules, the players now also get a part of sponsorships and therefore their salary has increased significantly. Telecom group Etisalat is partnered with the Afghanistan cricket. Now, Asghar’s yearly salary is around $8400 USD which approximately equals Rs 5.83 lakhs, which is much higher than the other players of the team.


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