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The Incident Between Deepak Hooda And Krunal Pandya Which Led To The Former’s Exit

Baroda’s Mushtaq Ali trophy squad witnessed a tiff between two of its most experienced all-rounders – Krunal Pandya and Deepak Hooda, causing the latter to leave the team on Sunday. Deepak Hooda accused Krunal– who is the skipper– of bad behaviour and using abusive language. In an email, Deepak wrote to Baroda Cricket Association secretary Ajit Lele that he was demoralised and depressed.

The Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy later this month will embark the beginning of India’s domestic season post the COVID-19 crises. As teams gear up for a cutthroat T20 tournament, Baroda witnessed a key all-rounder pack his bags and quit the tournament. Deepak Hooda claiming that Krunal Pandya has been misbehaving said that quitting was the only option for him.

BCA seeks report after Deepak Hooda leaves camp alleging misbehaviour by Krunal Pandya - The Hindu

What Ajit Lele Told ESPNCricinfo 

BCA secretary Ajit Lele confirmed Hooda’s exit, saying the player had sent him an email.”Hooda has withdrawn himself from the Baroda squad. He has already checked out of the hotel. He had a major quarrel with Krunal Pandya. The cricket association awaits updates from both Krunal as well as the Baroda team manager. That is before there is the next course of action by the BCA management, the next course of action concerning Hooda.”

Hooda’s email highlighted the way he was being pressurized by Pandya. The U-19 World Cup winner also said that Krunal was trying to pull him down as he is a potential threat- the next big all-rounder in the team. Like Krunal, Deepak to is an off-spin all-rounder. He bats in the middle-order and is known for his slogging skills.

Hooda, in an email to the BCA, said: “I have been playing cricket since the past 11 years for the Baroda Cricket Association. At present, I have been selected for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. Am demoralised, depressed and under a lot of pressure. At least for the last couple of days, my team captain Mr Krunal Pandya is using abusive language against me in front of my teammates and also other states’ teams who have come here for participating in the tournament. He (Pandya) stopped me during practice, showing his dadagiri (bullying).”

Baroda cricketer Deepak Hooda accuses Krunal Pandya of abusing him; withdraws his name from Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy

What Deepak Hooda Said In His Recent Interview About Krunal Pandya?

Hooda also mentioned that Pandya bullied him on Saturday. He went on to add that he used “misbehaving language”. He even stopped him from training despite him having the permission of the head coach Prabhakar Bairgond.

“I told Pandya that I am doing my regular preparation. That is with the permission of head coach Bairgond. Pandya came to me and told me that ‘I am the captain. Who is the head coach? Am the overall of the Baroda team.’ Then he also stopped my practice showing his dadagiri (bullying). I have never faced such bad behaviour previously by a team captain and it was rather shocking. Am a team man and have always kept my team above me. Sir, really I got hurt. There is a lot I have respect in my game. I have values in my life.”

“Based on the above facts that I have mentioned, I am not able to play properly. Am not able to perform my best under circumstances where every time our Baroda team captain is constantly poking me. He is disturbing me while I am doing my preparation.”


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