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Funny Cricket Moments: Was This Brilliant Pull Shot Worth It; Breaks Car’s Windscreen?

At times, cricket is a strange sport. Much like other sports, it can be good, bad and ugly. At the same time, it can be absolutely hilarious as well. It all depends on how you perceive things. Further, what may be fun for one is painful for the other. We all know that the game tends to produce some funny moments. One such funny cricket moment was seen rather recently.

The incident was not with regards to any cricketer directly. It was about a well-played shot in fact. The shot was so brilliantly executed that it actually hurt the player in other ways than just normal. Financial pain is one that some players still have to handle. If you know what I mean!!

The Video Of A Brilliant Pull Shot That Broke The Batsman’s Car’s Windscreen

A brilliant shot can also bring pain to a batsman. This was what cricket fans across Social Media were talking about. Though the shot was just a special one, the reaction of the batsman was rather the opposite. He just could not believe what had happened and his expressions said it all. Not all perfectly timed shots bring joy to the batsmen. So can bring sheer pain!!

Below is the video of this funny incident that went viral on Social Media-


The video was posted by Illingworth St Mary’s CC on Twitter and it started being noticed. This was mainly because of the reaction of the fans to the misery of the batsman. Well, this is at the end of the day what trends on Social Media and it is just what it is. Funny moments capture everyone’s attention more than genuine ones do.

Hopefully, Everything Is Fine; Though The Cricket Shot Was Genuinely Worth Admiring

The shot was perfectly timed to clear the fence. If not for the batter’s personal loss, it was a great sight for all the cricket fans. Kids these days would want to replicate and play such clinical shots that clear the fence. Though our condolences are with the batsman for his financial loss, the highlight of the video was also the classy pull-shot that has lost its charm over the years.

WATCH: Club cricketer breaks his own car's windscreen with a massive six | CricketTimes.com

Ricky Ponting used to be one of the best executors of this shot and the fans loved it. These days batsman have rather forgotten the art of the pull-shot. They prefer to leave deliveries and duck down rather than attack a bowler in Test cricket. ODI and T20 cricket is a different ball game and one can still see more attack-mindedness in this aspect.

Unfortunately, cricket can not just be rewarding, it can be cruel as well. This time it was a loss for the batsman, though his team would have enjoyed that shot. Hopefully, he isn’t disheartened and plays that shot once again, keeping his car a little further than it was this time!! Cheers!!


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