Ben Stokes

Watch: Ben Stokes Makes A Fool Out Of Himself; Fans Troll Him

Though Ben Stokes is one of the most decorated cricketers in recent English history, the player seems to have his ups and downs. He is always in the news for…

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Kolkata Knight Riders

Watch: Kevin Pietersen Almost Gets Hit By A Ball Thrown By Dinesh Karthik; Responds On Twitter

Kevin Pietersen was one of the finest batsmen that English cricket produced. Dinesh Karthik, a really good batsman and wicketkeeper of the modern era of Indian cricket. However, the former…

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Watch: An Embarrassing End To The Batting Of Sri Lanka In England

Sri Lanka cricket has gone to the dogs. Not being a hater but the level of cricketing quality that the country has now is comparable to one of the worst…

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Funny Cricket Moments: Was This Brilliant Pull Shot Worth It; Breaks Car’s Windscreen?

At times, cricket is a strange sport. Much like other sports, it can be good, bad and ugly. At the same time, it can be absolutely hilarious as well. It…

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