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‘Severe Consequences For Fans’-Fans Travelling For FIFA WC 2022 Can Be Jailed For 7 Years

FIFA World Cup 2022: Fans attending the World Cup who are found having a one-night stand in Qatar face the possibility of serving a prison term of up to seven years. The Middle Eastern nation is getting ready to play host to this year’s football tournament. Visitors will need to be informed of the local laws and traditions before they arrive.

Additionally, it is against the law to engage in sexual activity outside of the context of a married relationship. However, the non-profit Human Dignity Trust argues that the sentence might be as much as seven years in prison. Even though other publications indicate that the typical sentence is one year. [ FIFA World Cup 2022 ]

In the same vein, sexual activity between people of the same gender is outlawed under the Penal Code of 2004. It may likewise result in a jail sentence of an equivalent period.

What’s the matter?

FIFA World Cup 2022: Fans Can Be Imprisoned For 7 Years In Qatar

This was corroborated by an insider with the police department, who told the Daily Star that “Sex is very much off the menu unless you are going as a husband and wife. At this event, there will not be any one-night stands under any circumstances.

In all honesty, there will not be any kind of celebration at all. Everyone has to have a level head at all times. Unless they are intentionally trying to put themselves in danger and end up behind bars.

At this year’s World Cup, for the first time, there is what can effectively be described as a sex ban in place. Fans need to get themselves ready.”

They proceeded by saying, “The culture of drinking and partying after sports, which is common in most regions, is completely forbidden.

If you are detected, there will be extremely severe and frightening repercussions. There is a consensus that spectators are in for a pretty disappointing competition this time around.” [ FIFA World Cup 2022 ]

About the FIFA World Cup 2022:

The beginning of the World Cup in 2022 will take place on November 21. The championship match will take place on December 18, only a few days before Christmas.

Following the announcement that the tournament will be held in Qatar, there have been calls for the nation to change its laws. There are certain rules and regulations that discriminate against members of the LGBTQ+ community. [ FIFA World Cup 2022 ]

Back in 2013, the director of Football Against Racism, Piara Powar made the following statement about Qatar: “Qatar is one of the few countries where homosexuality is still banned. There are also huge issues in terms of the new law in Russia about the World Cup.”

“Qatar wants to host the tournament at the beginning of a new decade, which is something that we are looking forward to. They will want to present an internationally welcoming face. With FIFA’s help, we are sure it will be possible to win over the Qataris. That is so that they come into line with the rest of the world, including other countries in the Gulf and the Middle East. They can then think about changing the law on homosexuality.”

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