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Royal Funeral: 6 Countries That Were Not Invited To Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

6 countries not invited!! The whole of the UK was plunged into a world of gloom and despair after it was publicly revealed that Queen Elizabeth II, the longest serving monarch in the history of the Country, had breathed here last on September 9, aged 96, after having ruled for 70 years. Her demise was very quick as it was sudden.
Her last breath came within hours after the news that her health has deteriorated. This is the reason why her family members were by her side. The entire country is in a period of mourning ever since her death. It will only be the second state funeral since the death of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965.
A State Funeral generally refers to the day of the funeral announced a bank holiday by the UK government. After news of her death, condolences and tributes poured from all parts of the world. Members of the commonwealth also observing a day of mourning in their respective countries.
With the funeral today, a list of the world’s leaders and other distinct members of the Royal Family, along with delegates and dignitaries from across the globe will be flying to the UK for the funeral. Several leaders have also been polite enough to accept the invitation. This is, with the likes of US president Joe Biden and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. And also, French President Emmanuel Macron all travelling to the UK for the same.
Along with these esteemed leaders, almost the entirety of the Queen’s immediate Royal family will be present, which include King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Queen’s daughter Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence, Prince Andrew and Sarah, and Prince Edward and Sophie.
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6 Countries That Didn’t Get An Invite To Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

Countries across the world got invitations for this event. However, there has been a huge revelation now. Not everyone have been fortunate enough to receive the invites for the funeral. Reports state that everyone bar 6 countries has an invitation to attend the funeral.
The countries include Russia, Belarus, Myanmar, Venezuela, Syria, and Afghanistan. The reason behind not giving them the invitations are political in nature. This is keeping in mind the political situation in the respective countries as well as the relationship that the UK shares with them.
The omission of Russia comes as a big surprise to all. Online sources did reveal recently that Russian President Vladimir Putin was one of the first one to congratulate King Charles III on his accession. Despite this alleged gesture of goodwill from the Russian side, the country gets a snub.
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What makes it interesting is that North Korea and Iran have been sanctioned invites for the same. Although it has been made pretty clear that they are meant for the ambassadorial representatives of the said countries. And not to the heads of their states.
Syria and Venezuela do not share any sort of diplomatic or strategical relationship with the UK. Hence they got the cold shoulder. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, the takeover of the Taliban in the recent past means that they miss out on the Funeral invite as well. While Myanmar does have a diplomatic relation with the UK, the attempted coup at trying to usurp the current leadership group means that even they were excluded from the list.

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