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Canadian YouTuber And Arsenal Fan “Miss Melina” Gifts Granit Xhaka The Perfect Gift

Who doesn’t love a good comeback story. A redemption tale where the HERO does it all. Makes the perfect comeback, wins everyone’s hearts and owns the world!! We all love it. Such has been the story for Granit Xhaka. A former captain and Swiss midfielder, who fell from grace.

And his fall was really hurtful. Not just for himself, but for the team and the fans as well. What a comeback it has been this season. You surely got to love everything that you see at the Emirates.

The team is united (not Manchester) and the fans are one too. Backing their young guns rallied on by the experienced leaders in midfield. Things can only get better for Arsenal Football Club. The journey has just started and can only go upwards. The only question remains though is, FOR HOW LONG!!

Let this upward rise last forever under Mikel Arteta, as we see the likes of Granit Xhaka finally enjoy their football at Arsenal

Granit Xhaka #34 didn’t seem to really enjoy his football at Arsenal. This was mainly due to the fact that he was deemed too slow to play as a CAM or an attacking midfielder in general and was asked to sit deep and defend, a thing that he wasn’t good at (DEFENDING). This led to several errors across the years and things were very volatile for him.

He was doing well for Switzerland and a true leader. However, this variation in form was a bit of a concern. With that being said, all that is in the past now. Our fans have forgiven his moments of madness and anger and the good times are here.

So, when our very own Goonerette from Canada, Miss Melina decided to make the trip to the Emirates, she had something special for Granit Xhaka. And it seems that he accepted it gladly. Why wouldn’t he!!? It was made with so much LOVE and APPRECIATION!!

What was the gift that was made by Miss Melina for Arsenal’s #34!?

Granit Xhaka has had very few ICONIC moments over the past few years at Arsenal at least. His days with the Swiss have been way more memorable than his time with the Gunners. However, that all changed when Mikel Arteta asked him to stay with the club, a bit longer.

Xhaka has been one of the fittest ever players at Arsenal. His overall injury free (more or less) record showcases his physical presence in that midfield. Further, he is now focusing on attacking the goal, than defending it. This makes things simpler and Granit Xhaka had one ICONIC IMAGE from this season. A moment to cherish for all Arsenal fans.

This was the image that Miss Melina captured and painted. Below is the Tweet that showcases the image and Granit Xhaka holding her painting (GIFT) in his hand.


Who is Miss Melina and why are some Arsenal fans really happy for her??

Miss Melina is a lovely YouTuber from Canada. She made her first trip to the Emirates this season and really had a great time watching the Gunners, due to our sensational form. The Goonerette also gifted Xhaka this painting and does content on YouTube on a regular basis.

She mainly covers Arsenal content, FPL and Fashion related Vlogs from time to time. If you want to get to know her, you can find her on YouTube or on Twitter and follower/subscribe to her!!


You can also check her latest FANCAM from AFTV, where she predicted that we would do WHAT WE DID TO CHELSEA!!

It’s always good to see a fellow Arsenal and Football fan living out their dreams!! Cheers to Miss Melina!! Cheers to Arsenal!!


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