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Former Arsenal Player Challenges VAR After Germany Exits FIFA World Cup 2022

There has been a lot of controversy created by the early exit of Germany from the FIFA World Cup 2022. Japan recently beat Spain and went through to the round-of-16. However, they did so by a goal that was rather being deemed controversial. The fans around the globe were not feeling certain that it should have stood. Well, at least German fans were clearly unhappy.

Many Pundits did agree that it was a goal. Others thought otherwise. And the debate surrounding it continued. Well, amid this talk, a former Arsenal player actually Tweeted something that challenged VAR. He wasn’t the only one to question the use of technology. However, his Tweet got a lot of attention.

The player wasn’t Mesut Ozil. He was rather quiet on this one, after his exit from the previous tournament, rather turned ugly. It was another former defender, whom the fans may not remember too kindly.

What Did This Former Arsenal Star Say About Germany’s Exit From The FIFA World Cup 2022!?

Without further adieu, let’s first reveal the name of the player. The individual who represented Arsenal and sent out the Tweet is none other than former centre-back Johan Djourou. The defender made a name for himself under Arsene Wenger. However, his career at the club wasn’t really memorable for the fans.

This is the Tweet he sent out post the exit of Germany from the FIFA World Cup 2022-

Well, a lot of fans were asking the same thing. It was not clear as to whether the goal should have stood or not. Despite that, the officials deemed it to be legal. Images emerged on Social Media platforms that were really confusing.

Below is a Tweet that illustrates the same!!

Controversy Or Not, Japan Are Through To The Round-Of-16!!

Whether it was controversial or not, at the end of the day, the result stands. Japan are through to the round-of-16 as the Group E toppers. They along with Spain will play in the next round. Great result for Asian Football and the Japanese have made everyone proud.

The debate over the goal will continue. However, this is what World Cups are made of and made for. Fans talking and pouring their hearts out. Some unseen circumstances and upsets. It’s all about which team tackles these and is the most consistent one at the end of the day.

For all we know, this could be the start of something really special. We at Beyond The Posts, wish all teams that have gone through so far and will go through in the upcoming days, the very best!! May the best side win!!


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