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Arsenal Now Receive A ‘Huge Boost” For The €75m Signing In 2023

Arsenal Transfer News: Because of financial stability issues, Paris Saint-Germain may not be able to pay Arsenal’s asking price for Moussa Diaby

Arsenal Transfer News: PSG is unable to pay the amount for Moussa Diaby in the next summer transfer window, as reported by Jonathan Johnson of Caught Offside. Arsenal’s ambitions of signing the 23-year-old Bundesliga standout increases after this.

Mikel Arteta plans to scour the summer transfer market for players that fit a certain mould. Following such a successful season, Arsenal’s manager will be on the lookout for players who can improve his team rather than just fill a spot.

To complement Bukayo Saka and improve their offence, Arsenal needs a top-tier right winger. The Gunners are still in communication with 23-year-old Bundesliga standout Moussa Diaby, who is of interest to the club. If Bayer Leverkusen receives bids that are near to their values, they may sell the Frenchman.

Arsenal’s opponents for Diaby are Paris Saint-Germain and Newcastle United. Both teams are flush with cash and could easily afford it. The Bundesliga’s brightest star at age 23 may prefer a move to the Premier League than a return to Paris, where he played before joining Leverkusen.

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Arsenal Transfer News: What’s the matter?

Arsenal Now Receive A 'Huge Boost" For The €75m Signing In 2023

Arsenal’s competition includes Paris Saint-Germain, one of their primary rivals, but things may become complicated. According to Jonathan Johnson, a hypothetical transfer for Diaby or any other high-priced player will suffer due to the worries about Financial Fair Play.

Johnson said, “I’m personally not the biggest fan of the idea of PSG bringing back players that they let go for a low amount, as that can’t be considered smart business. Still, there’s no doubt about it – he’s a much better player than he was when he left PSG, much more developed, and it doesn’t surprise me to see clubs like Arsenal and Newcastle linked with him.

Still, with PSG’s financial constraints, I’m not sure they’ll be able to stump up the kind of money Leverkusen would want for him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had an asking price of €50m or just over that, something in the €40-50m range.

There might be a scope to structure the deal so that the initial fee is a bit lower, but the overall structure of the deal is still likely to come up to around the €50m mark. I can’t see Leverkusen letting him go for anything less than a starting fee of around €30m.”

What’s next?

Arsenal Now Receive A 'Huge Boost" For The €75m Signing In 2023

Arsenal thinks highly of the player and sees him as a perfect fit to help elevate the calibre of his present players. Newcastle United, who have the financial resources to complete a deal with Leverkusen, is one of Diaby’s potential suitors.

But, Diaby’s decision may be swayed by the possibility of playing in the Champions League if he joins Arsenal, who have improved their standards. For the time being, the fight for the 23-year-old Bundesliga star is wide open. There will be struggle to get the Frenchman during the summer transfer window.

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