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John Wick 4: When Keanu Reeves Accidently Married An Actress On A Movie Set!?

John Wick 4 has put Keanu Reeves into the spotlight once again. The already famous actor is now the talk of the town once again. Everyone wants to know about his personal and professional details. He is being focused on every website and gossip column, with the fans wanting more and more news on him.

There are many facts out there about Reeves, both related and unrelated to the John Wick 4 movie. One such fact that not a lot of people may know is that Reeves might have accidently married an actress once on the sets of a movie.

The name of the actress is Winona Ryder. And the duo met on the sets of the 1992’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Reeves and Winona Ryder played Jonathan and Mina Harker in the movie. However, the story involving the two is really funny to hear.

What Is The Exact Story Between The Two That Has Been Ever-Mentioned In The Circle Of The Movie’s Cast!?

Well, the duo appear in a scene where they get married (their characters obviously). Winona Ryder later pointed out that the director of the movie (Francis Ford Coppola) used a real priest in the scene. This is where it gets funny.

Both the actors also said their vows. So, this could have only one meaning. If it all was done ceremoniously, they might actually be married. To add to that, Coppola agreed with this theory.

However, the only loophole that could be saving John Wick aka Keanu Reeves, would be the fact that it is still not known whether the priest used their character names or real names during shooting. What an epic scene!! Bet John Wick 4 never thought of something like this!!

So, this might be the saving grace for Mr. Wick. If he knows what is best for him!! Jokes apart, it was just something that will last in our memory lane forever.


John Wick 4 Is A Phenomenon And The Fans Are Totally Loving It And Want More!!

Everyone associated with the movie is happy with the work that they have put in. Fans all over the globe are really giving it good reviews. This is how a movie franchise should be. And the story-telling has always been superb, right from the get-go. Everyone associated with the franchise knows their role and has done their part.

Now, it will be interesting to see whether they actually stop at this. Or go ahead with something more. Nobody wants it to end up like another Fast & Furious franchise. They never know when to stay, now do they!?

At the end of the day, the movie has gotten a lot of appreciation. The response to it was brilliant as well. Anyone who has seen the series, knows the level of action that has been in it. And the quality work put in by the actors and the stunt-teams. No one knows what’s the best way to say goodbye. However, if this is the end, we thank you Mr. Wick. For everything!!


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