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John Wick Chapter 5: Will There Be Another Chapter, Director Has His Say!?

John Wick Chapter 5 Update: The John Wick phenomena has well and truly struck the fans as the latest instalment of the iconic action series has been garnering rave reviews since it’s release. Starring the universally popular Keanu Reeves as the titular assassin, the movie sees John Wick fight the members of the high table as he seeks vengeance to the people who wronged him.

The movie also sees one of the final pieces of work by Lance Reddick, who sadly passed away a week before the release of the film. That added to the multitudes of fans to watch the movie as everyone wanted to see Lance on the screen for one final time. The film has been dominating the box office, with fans and critics alike waxing lyrical about the movie.

Will There Be A John Wick Chapter 5, The Fans Want To Know!?

So that brings us to the big question: will there be a part-5 in the adventures of the assassin?. In the movie, it was shown in the climax that John Wick eventually ends up succumbing to his wounds. This was after a fierce and bloody battle with Cabinet. He acted as the proxy for Don Marquis in the battle of the high table.
So obviously with Wick dead (presumably), the plot remains in a pretty open-ended place. That is, as to whether there will be another instalment of the popular movie or not. Director Chad Stahelski has finally had his say on the situation. And from his words it seems that the future looks bright indeed.
Such open ends always have the fans talking. Everyone just wants to know what will happen in the days to come. The storyline is usually very crisp throughout the entire franchise. So, it will have to be well planned in advance before any commitment is made.

The Latest Comments By Chad Stahelski On The Future Of The Franchise!?

Speaking to Deadline post the release of the movie, Stahelski said, “As for John Wick, you will never [hear] Keanu or I say, we’re done. We are proud of what we have done. Flattered people want to see more. And we want to continue that and will be there to help out. What Lionsgate decides to do with the properties is up to them”.
However, he did mention that there will be a substantial break before any thoughts or inclination towards making a fifth film is materialized. He added, “In our minds, Keanu and I are done at present. We are going to give John Wick a rest. Am sure that the studio has a plan. And if everyone loves it and it goes all kooky, then will take a quiet minute”.
John Wick 5 was initially announced in the earlier part of 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. It was reported that both part 4 and 5 would be shot simultaneously. But with the pandemic hitting and add to that the chaotic nature of Reeves’ schedule with his commitment to the “Matrix Resurrection”, the plan led to be delayed, and eventually put in the back burner.

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