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IPL 2023: An Open Letter To Shubman Gill Who Scored A Brilliant Century And Was Abused For It

Dear, Shubman Gill. In India, an individual is born every second, 2,403 per hour, 57,685 per day and 16,613,486 per year. Now, whether they want to or not, most of these individuals, male or female, do end up embracing a religion called CRICKET. And this makes every fan feel a special connection to the game in itself.

Now, am sure, as a superb cricketer who has worked really hard to get there, you would know all about this Shubman. The passion and the desire to have more is not just a player’s right. The fans share it too. And while most fans are generally stable and mature, passion has a different way of expression certain emotions.

So, out of the 57,685 people that are born daily in India, some are given a SUPER-POWER. What’s this super-power you ask!? Oh, it’s called IDIOTISM. They don’t know the full extent of it yet, but it tends to keep showing up from time to time, in one form or another!! Especially when they have to take an L in LIFE!!

Let’s Keep It Real Here; If You Have Haters, Means You Are Doing Something Right!!

These Twitter and Social Media warriors with this one special super-power talk a lot. They type until their fingers bleed dry. It’s like playing a GUITAR but creating no MUSIC. Just chaos. And the lyrics are more like the GANGSTER RAP. Just abuse with no meaning or intention to back it up!!

In short, these KEYBOARD WARRIORS do nothing. They go on a SOCIAL MEDIA platform, find a target and take out their frustration. If you confronted one of them face-to-face, they would probably PEE THEIR PANTS. It’s a sight no one wants to see.

But yes, for the abuse that you are your family are getting, ACTION is a necessity. There needs to be an EXAMPLE MADE. Punishment can be unconventional. But it must be done.

This is just the start of your career and make it a point to take nonsense from nobody for sure. You are a Punjabi after all!! Do I even need to remind you of that!? But, just do it right!!

Shubman Gill Is The Next Upcoming Star Of India; Silence Them With The Bat!!

Now, we talked about the super-power that some idiots on Social Media have. But you have know why this reaction in the first place. It’s all to do with the super-power that you have!! You are a world-class talent and your stock is only going upwards.

People are scared right now. You are berating their legends in front of their eyes, by being better. The INITIAL RESPONSE to any CHANGE is FEAR. And then eventually, EMBRACEMENT.

And honestly what will these Indian fans, who are Virat Kohli fans right now, do!? Switch off the TV when you bat for Team India!? It’s their loss at the end of the day. IDIOTISM comes with SYMPTOMS of a SWOLLEN EGO, which BURSTS if hurt regularly. It’s time your bat shattered some more!!

At the end of the day, the only reason I write this letter is because, you are doing great. Don’t let these FOOLS who call themselves CRICKET FANS and then do things like these, BREAK YOU!! Don’t let it impact your FOCUS and the FORM you are in, right now!! Only go upwards and help us win MORE!!

There is a 50-over World Cup coming up in India this year. We want you to fire all guns blazing like you are now!! Don’t let them get to you. We want that World Cup home again. And this is not a REQUEST!! It’s a DEMAND!! Make it happen!!

P.S.: The IDIOTISM is spreading. Hahaha!! All the best for the IPL 2023 playoffs, Shubman Gill. Cheers!!


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