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Watch: Barcelona Wins La Liga Title; Players Celebrate Until Being Chased Off The Pitch By Espanyol Fans

FC Barcelona wins La Liga title, but the celebrations were just short-lived. It seems that the players forgot that they were in “ENEMY TERRITORY” and they were forced out by the opposition fans. Not a great sight to see. But at the end of the day, sometimes players forget where they are. And what they are supposed to and not supposed to be doing!!

This was one such case. But it seems that everything was under control and no one was hurt. That’s the only thing that matters, SAFETY!!

So How Many La Liga Titles Has Barcelona Won!?

But yes, Barcelona deserved to celebrate (not on the pitch like that, I mean). This was their 27th La Liga title. This means they are 8 behind rivals — Real Madrid, who have 35.

With that being said, the fans will be really happy. Xavi has delivered. And Laporta and co. have sorted things out to an extent. Not the perfect end. But Barca are in a happier place right now, than they were a few years prior to this.

The Video That Went Viral On Twitter After FC Barcelona Wins La Liga Title!!

Barcelona players started celebrating at the RCDE Stadium. They got emotional and passionate about the La Liga win and forgot where they were. And the fans who were already pissed and not happy with their team’s performance, were booing and jeering on.

Some of these fans decided to put and end to these celebrations. Fans in Spain can be a tad over-passionate at times. Love and hate are two sides of the coin and where there is love for one, there can be hate for another.

With that being said, watch what happened on the night!!

Joan Laporta Makes Bold Claim After League Title Win

Once the League title was secured, Laporta was back on his Messi promise. He made a bolds statement that the club would do everything to bring their talisman back.

Well, whether this will actually happen or not, remains to be seen. But, if it does indeed happen, there will be some big money involved. Though Barcelona wins La Liga title, it will be tough for them to afford Messi’s wages.

It would take something special for bringing the Argentine World Cup winner and club legend back to the Camp Nou. Let’s wait and watch if this will be the path that the club chooses.

Right now, they will be delighted with the League win. And will want to focus all their attention on celebrating with their fans. The team has won their first League title since 2019. It’s been a long wait and the club will be delighted that their project has finally shown some results!!


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