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What A Snub!! Fans React To Best Handshake Snub On The Internet; Eddie Howe Responds

There have been some big time snubs in football over the years. However, the best ones are right in front and not behind someone’s back. And one has to wait for the perfect person and moment to make one of the best ones happen. Often players ditch each other for jerseys, some other promises and more. But, we found the best handshake snub on the internet that has been doing the rounds in recent weeks.

And it comes from the match between Newcastle United and Bournemouth. That too, it happened at the end of the game. The best handshake snub was not between players. It was between the Bournemouth boss and the assistant manager of the Magpies.

Jason Tindall has a big mouth. And so, he was snubbed by Bournemouth manager Gary O’Neil, who rather showed respect to Eddie Howe. It’s just the way that things are these days. And Tindall has been called an attention seeker in the past, with all that he does!!

Surely The Best Handshake Snub On The Internet Today!!

It’s a bird!! It’s a plane!! No, it’s the best handshake snub on the internet today for sure!! Well, whether you agree with us on that aspect or not, is up to you. But, for us, this is indeed brilliant. And the fans loved every moment of it for sure. They couldn’t stop talking about it.

And if Tindall likes attention, he was at the centre of it. A savage snub to say the least. And everyone on the internet kept talking about it and bantering the man.

Below is the vide that you need to see!!

Well, savage things happen all the time in the world of sport. Football is no different and the fans loving talking about such incidents. Though these are limited and keep going viral from time to time, this one will surely be doing the rounds for quite some time. It was just that EPIC to say the least!!

Despite that, Howe defended his assistant in an interview with The Athletic by saying, “We are really different people. But there is a force when we come together that’s really powerful.”

What Next For Newcastle United And Bournemouth; Which Team Will End The Season Better!?

In comparison to The Cherries, Newcastle United is surely doing better. This is with regards to their position in the points table. However, both teams will have some goals. The former will want to try their best to push to finish a few spots above from where they are now. On the other hand, the latter will want to ensure that they get a Champions League spot for next term.

Two different teams with two different goals. However, both sides need more points to make things happen. The best thing for Bournemouth now is the fact that they are going to remain in the top flight of English football. They are 8 points about the relegation zone at present.

However, whether they can continue to improve or not, remains to be seen. If they do well next season, it could be the start of something special from them once again. Let’s hope for the best!!


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