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Cadiz CF Foundation Helps More Than 70 Children In Jaipur As Part Of Angel Vidal’s Solidarity Campaign; Medical Supplies And Sports Equipment Given

Cadiz CF is really going places. After being promoted to the La Liga once again in 2020, the team hasn’t really looked back. They have a thorn in the flesh of a lot of top Spanish clubs from time to time. And this has really helped them make a name for themselves, though many would argue that they already were known to one and all.

This is due to the quality of work that they do behind the scenes. Cadiz CF has always been connected to the community. And not just in Spain. But in many global levels and their affinity for India is right there at the top. And Indians love the club equally, for the opportunities that it provides for footballer lovers and players!!

What Is The Recent Work That Cadiz CF Is Doing In India; As Part Of Angel Vidal’s Solidarity Campaign

It is confirmed that at least 70 children (if not more) in Jaipur will be benefitting from this project. Cadiz CF will be providing them with medical supplies and sports equipment. Dr. Angel Vidal Santana and Jose Mata, the manager the of the Cadiz CF Foundation confirmed that there will be full support for the solidarity surgery campaign. This will be done through the NGO ‘Vatsalya’. And the targetted area will be, the Indian city of Jaipur.

Jose Mata stated in his interview, “This is a really positive and great initiative that demonstrates the great altruism that exists to help society. Cadiz wanted to support this initiative with the donation of our sports equipment. Hopefully, we can help the cause in every way possible.”

Vidal Santana thanked the club for organizing the presentation event. And further, for supporting this solidarity campaign, which will only do more good.

“Cadiz CF will be providing dressing for all the children of the ‘Vatsalya’ NGO in the city of Jaipur. Most of them are orphan girls. They do not have a family because of the great strain of the virus in India”.

“This altruistic program is divided into two aspects. Through the medical aspect we wish to develop an organizational structure. This is something that has not existed till now. It will help in order to implement a mini medical system. With this we intend to treat a large group of patients with sequelae of snake bites during two or three days”.

With regards to the social aspects, Vidal added, “We have to inform about healthy living with the use of dental kits, personal hygiene, nutrition and sports through training workshops. Sport is very important. The fact that they know Cadiz CF is a bonus. And are really excited that this great team is taking sports equipment to India”.

Lastly, Angel Vidal’s third cooperation mission will also be supported by Cadiz CF. He went on to conclude “The most important thing for these kids is that they feel situated in the world. Such poor children often have the perception that they do not exist. And feel that they are the forgotten ones. It pays to make progress.”

More About The NGO And Its Work

Vatsalya was founded back in the 1970s and has done good for more than half a century. It is an Indian NGO that is dedicated to promoting health among orphaned children.

The NGO  has a small hospital infrastructure. They also have schools where children, mostly girls, between 4 and 14 years of age, are cared for and trained at. The pink city of Jaipur is the headquarters of this NGO. There are currently approximately 100 children, who will be getting the benefits of this campaign.

What About The La Liga Table And The Current Campaign For Cadiz CF!?

The team is currently in 16th place in the La Liga table and is just a point above the relegation zone. Their primary objective on the football pitch will be to ensure that they do not get relegated at this point in time. Cadiz CF is doing a really good job, both on and off the pitch.

Relegation will surely put some breaks on the kind of work that is being done. There is no turning back now and time is of the essence. For that purpose, the fans will be hoping that the team can deliver.

No side likes to go down to a minor League after playing with the big players. Every side wants to taste some success and move forward rather than back. So, hopefully, that is the case with Cadiz as well. Let’s see how things develop now!!


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