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Sheffield Wednesday Fan Does A Silly Gesture To Protest; Only To Miss The Best Comeback In Recent History

Sheffield Wednesday beat Peterborough 5-3 on penalties, completing one of the best comebacks in recent times. The fans of the club were delighted with what their team had produced. It was something special after being 4 goals down from the 1st leg. They just had to produce something special. And they did.

While most of the club’s supporters were overjoyed, one fan would have been pulling out his hair. The guy who made a stupid error for clout, ended up regretting the worst decision of his life, probably.

In case, you don’t know what we are talking about, the video will speak volumes!! It was something really stupid to do. And we hope that no other fan ever does this again, whether your team is playing well or not!!

The Video Of A Sheffield Wednesday Fan That Went Viral Post The Brilliant Comeback!!

They came with a Wednesday and did it on a Thursday. No, that’s not any chant that I heard from the game. But the scoreline was just so epic that it was needed to be said!!

Video of the incident-

So, as a football fan, hopefully everyone now knows, there are certain lines that you never cross. And though the idiot would not be happy and celebrating, he knows what he did. And what he missed. He can probably just laugh at himself now!!

Overall Details Of The Home Game For The Victors!!

The hosts of the night were trailing the tie 4-0. They ended up scoring 4 goals, with the equalizer coming in the (90+8)th minute of the match. This was just brilliant to see and hope was restored.

Further, Peterborough took the lead once again in extra time. It was an own goal in the 105th minute. This was followed by a final Callum Paterson equalizer that sent the tie into penalties. And that’s where it was finally decided. The hosts won the shootout 5-3, after an aggregate score of 5-5.

What a game!! What a comeback!! And at a historic venue in itself. This was just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, some fans like Josh Jackson had to sit home and have a mixed bag of emotions for sure!!

Well, at least one thing is for certain now, Josh won’t be lacking any attention now. Various huge media outlets shared the video. And the fan is now viral for his stupidity and impulsiveness. And the urge to get on the Internet and do something silly.

This would be the perfect example for all football fans who ever think of doing this!! Never stop supporting your team. Good or bad, no matter what, they deserve the support from each and every fan. Today we learned clearly, that when LIFE GIVES YOU A JOSH, well, you guys do the MATCH!! Cheers!!


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