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GT Vs MI: What Happens If The Match Does Not Start At All And What Is The Deadline!?

GT Vs MI: The match is the second qualifier that takes place at the Narendra Modi Stadium. Both teams are fired up and want to make it to the final. However, the weather is playing spoil sport in such a crucial encounter. If the game doesn’t start, the cricket fans will be annoyed and disappointed at the same time.

Though the BCCI could have kept a RESERVE DAY, they just did not. And this will not be a thing that they will want to repeat in the future, if the game gets washed-out. This League is one of the biggest in the world at present, if not the biggest indeed. And so such backup plans like Reserve Days are a must.

GT Vs MI: What Happens If Rain Washes Out The Match!?

If rain washes out the GT vs MI match, then it will be a huge loss for Cricket. The fans across the globe will have to swallow a tough pill. This is because a result will be declared without a single ball being bowled. And it will favour one side due to their League table position.

The Gujarat Titans will go through to the final. This is due to the fact that they finished on top of the points table. The Mumbai Indians will end up going out, based on the table position. And though it will not be fair to the efforts of their players and team, it is just what it is!!

And though many may argue that the BCCI should have planned better, there is no hope. The only thing that can save Rohit Sharma and co. here is the weather. So it’s high time to start praying and hoping that it gets better. Otherwise, this could be game over for MI!!

What Is The Deadline For The GT Vs MI Match To Start!?

As per the latest report, it is a 20-over game so far! The toss is expected to happen once the weather clears out a bit. It could be an 18 overs game, in case there is further delay and it it starts at 9 PM. Overs will not be deducted until 8.30 PM IST.

Further, the maximum deadline for the game to start is 10.56 PM IST. If this does happen, it will be a 5-over each innings match. MI just wants the match to have enough time to produce a result. This is how they can turn things in their favour.

Their team is in form. And though the Gujarat Titans are at home, they have lost their last match. And will want to regain some of the momentum and make it to the final. But it will not be easy at all.

After beating and eliminating one Pandya brother, this is Rohit Sharma’s chance to surpass the other. It will be interesting to see how the weather behaves now. Surely, it will have a huge impact on the match. And whoever ends up winning the toss will want to make good use of it for sure.


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