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Arsenal Legend Ian Wright Sends Out Message In Support Of Vinicius Jr.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has a habit of speaking up when he sees something wrong happening. He has more or less, objective opinions on things and that’s why the fans love him. Not just Gooners. But global fans of most fanbases admire his unbiased opinions. Well, generally he is direct and does not favour any team.

But if there is Arsenal amongst the mix, he clearly mentions so. So, the opinions are well received. And Wrighty never fails to point out wrongs and rights in any situation, as per him.

What Was The Latest Matter Involving Vinicius Jr. That Ian Wright Talked About And What Was His Message For The Brazilian!? 

Vinicius Jr. has been racially abused quite a lot in Spain. This is due to the quality of his play that triggers the opposition fans. He is also a die-hard Real Madrid fan and player, who gives everything for his team. This does not go down well with the rival fans often. And they react in STUPID WAYS.

Something similar happened in the game against Valencia. And this time the attacker decided to take matters into his own hands. He reacted and the whole world is talking about it now. Even Ancelotti had to get involved. And Real Madrid have raised a complaint to the La Liga.

With all that being said, Ian Wright posted the Tweet below in response to Vinicius’ initial Tweet!!

Don’t know how much it helps the player, but he will surely feel a bit better by the support that he is getting. And hopefully, things can be resolved and the guilty punished. Let’s wait and watch!!

What Is The Aftermath Of This Whole Racism Saga!?

If no real action is taken, the attacker could consider leaving Spain. Though he loves Real Madrid, he is unable to play with the disrespect that is coming his way constantly. It just doesn’t make any sense for him to tolerate this type of behaviour from the fans across the La Liga.

The governing body should also not tolerate anything like this. They need to take some action and make all players of colour feel safe and secure. Otherwise, this could escalate into a really big problem. It is not something that FIFA, UEFA or any footballing governing body wants to see!!

However, it seems that if there is no real action done, the player may actually leave. He does not want to be in such a toxic environment where he can’t enjoy his football. And this is something that no Human Being, let alone Sports person should have to bear. With that being said, hopefully all this nonsense ends soon.

It will be interesting to see if the player does leave, which club can sign him. He is one of the best attacking players in Europe right now. And every big club will want to sign him. Whether a top team can do that or not, remains to be seen!!


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