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Manchester United Vs Chelsea: Mo Salah Sends Out Emotional Tweet After Liverpool Fails To Qualify For The Champions League

Manchester United Vs Chelsea Update!! It was a one-sided game at Old Trafford, which crushed Liverpool’s hopes of playing in the Champions League next season. The Merseyside outfit needed the visitors to win this game. Only then would their chances of securing a UCL spot still be alive. But, unfortunately, that did not happen.

And it was an easy 4-1 win for the hosts. It meant that they secured a top 4 finish and there was no coming back for Liverpool. The Reds had been demoted to the Europa League for next season. And their players and fans would have been aware about it, if they were watching the game.

Mo Salah Reacts Post The Manchester United Vs Chelsea Game With A Sad Tweet To Sum Up The Season!!

While the Liverpool fans were talking and Tweeting, so did their legendary player, Mo Salah. The Egyptian attacker was really disappointed with what had just happened. And he sent out a Tweet that was a cry for forgiveness blended with sorrow and remorse. The winger knew what had happened and it was a sad day for a team that has so much talent.

And so, he sent out a Tweet for his fans and followers!!

It’s a sad day for Liverpool fans, though their fate was more or less sealed already. They had a really slim chance of qualifying for the Champions League. But, Manchester United had to lose both their matches for that. And the Reds had to win theirs. However, it was just not meant to be for the Kops.

So What Next For Klopp And His Men; Heading Into The Next Season!?

Well, this has been a really poor campaign for the club from Anfield. They have ended the season with no Champions League football, no trophies or titles and have some serious rebuilding to do. A lot of their players will be leaving the club this summer. Some of those would often start games for the German manager.

With squad depth being a serious concern, it will be up to the owners to do some serious rebuilding. The fans have been demanding more signings for ages now. And it will be interesting to see if FSG obliges. If not, we could once again see some serious protests for the Liverpool faithful.

There is a clear need for ore quality players in this squad. And the fans know it and so does manager Jurgen Klopp. It will now be interesting to see what position he takes at the end of the current campaign. The upcoming summer transfer window will be really crucial if Liverpool are serious about their ambitions.

If not, along with some players, the manager may even consider leaving in the near future. Let’s wait and watch now, as things could get really interesting. The summer transfer window surely tends to pull out a few surprises. Only time will tell!!


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