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Here’s The Final Deadline For The RCB Vs GT Match To Start; Fans Are Hopeful Now

The RCB Vs GT game needs to happen for the Royal Challengers Bangalore to have the chance to go through to the playoffs of the IPL 2023 tournament. So far, things are not looking too bright for them. And neither is the weather, with constant rain. This is not what the fans of the team from Bengaluru want surely.

They want to see their team fight it out on the pitch. It will not be an easy game. But knowing Virat Kohli and co., they want to have the battle of their lives. Letting the Mumbai Indians off without a fight is just not the style of Kohli and even Faf du Plessis for that matter.

Even the fans who are waiting for this IPL 2023 weekend want the RCB vs GT match to happen. This is not how they want the season to end. No one will be delighted if this happens, apart from the MI fanbase.

What Is The Deadline For The RCB Vs GT Match To Start!?

As per the latest report, it is a 20-over game so far! The toss is expected to happen at 7.45 PM IST (as per the latest report). It could be an 18 overs game, in case there is further delay and it it starts at 9 PM. Overs will not be deducted until 8.30 PM IST.

Further, the maximum deadline for the game to start is 10.56 PM IST. If this does happen, it will be a 5-over each innings match. RCB will still have their chance to go through to the knockout stages. This is something that they will want, a chance to complete for the 4th spot.

The Latest Update From The Chinnaswamy Stadium; What’s The News Now!?

There is still a delay and rains are expected. However, with the change in climate in the recent hours, a game could surely happen. The fans feel that the number of overs will be reduced and that seems to be the likely case. The idea is for the game to have a result.

Now, whether that result favours the home side or not, is a different thing. Further, there are some stories coming in that a lot of players from the Gujarat Titans’ squad could be rested as well. If that is the case, RCB will be desperate to get this game going.

Let’s wait and watch how things develop now. It will be an interesting toss to win. And if the team who wins it, can capitalize, then this game could be an easy win. However, there is no such thing as an easy victory in the Indian Premier League. Bet the fans are waiting eagerly to see what the RCB vs GT match can actually produce.

RCB need to win to go through to the playoffs. A loss means that they are out and that the Mumbai Indians make it through to the next round. By the end of the night, one more team will be part of the final four, with GT, CSK and LSG waiting for them amidst the mix.


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