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Virender Sehwag Heaps Praise For Prabhsimran Singh With A Dig At IPL’s ‘Most Expensive Player’

Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag, known for his candid and direct style, once again expressed his unfiltered opinions, this time targeting Punjab Kings all-rounder Sam Curran in light of an impressive century scored by uncapped player Prabhsimran Singh against the Delhi Capitals.

The Comment Made By Virender Sehwag!!

After Punjab Kings secured a crucial victory over the Delhi Capitals, Prabhsimran Singh’s outstanding century became the focal point of discussion. The young, uncapped player showcased his immense talent by smashing an impressive 103 runs off just 65 deliveries. On the other hand, Sam Curran, the team’s most expensive player in IPL history, contributed a modest 20 runs off 24 balls, making him the second-highest scorer for Punjab Kings in that match.

Virender Sehwag, analyzing the game, wasted no time in praising Prabhsimran’s remarkable performance while taking a swipe at Sam Curran. Sehwag emphasized the value of giving opportunities to players like Prabhsimran, highlighting the significant impact they can make on the team’s success. He stressed the importance of consistency for Prabhsimran moving forward, expressing confidence that Punjab Kings would greatly benefit from having such a talented player in their squad.

Punjab King’s Current Postion On The Table

Drawing attention to the contrasting price tags of Prabhsimran and Sam Curran, Sehwag pointed out that while Prabhsimran was initially bought for a substantial amount of INR 4.8 crore, he was subsequently acquired for a significantly lower amount of INR 60 lakh. Sehwag applauded Prabhsimran’s ability to deliver exceptional performances, including scoring centuries and winning matches for the team, despite being bought at a lower price. Curran had not lived up to the expectations set by his high price tag.

Shifting focus to Punjab Kings’ overall campaign, their recent victory against the Delhi Capitals provided them with a glimmer of hope in their pursuit of a playoff spot. Placed 6th in the points table, Shikhar Dhawan’s team has managed to secure six wins out of six matches, accumulating a total of 12 points.

While their performance has been commendable thus far, Sehwag emphasized that complacency was not an option for Punjab Kings. To solidify their chances of making it to the playoffs, they would need to maintain their winning momentum and emerge victorious in their remaining two league stage matches. Sehwag acknowledged the challenging task that lay ahead for Punjab Kings but underlined the importance of securing victories in those crucial encounters to enhance their playoff prospects.

Prabhsimran Singh’s Performance

The Punjab Kings’ victory over the Delhi Capitals not only showcased Prabhsimran Singh’s immense talent but also highlighted the need for consistency and impactful performances from players like him. Sehwag’s critical remarks regarding Sam Curran’s contribution, given his high price tag, underscored the importance of justifying the investment made in a player.

Looking ahead, Punjab Kings find themselves in a position of opportunity, having fought their way into contention for a playoff spot. Placed 6th in the points table, they must win their remaining two matches to take control of their playoffs’ fate. The team cannot afford to become complacent at this crucial juncture. The onus is on Shikhar Dhawan and his men to maintain their winning streak and ensure their place in the playoffs.

The IPL is a fiercely competitive tournament, and every match carries immense significance. Punjab Kings’ recent victory over the Delhi.


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