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Arsenal Once Again In Deep Trouble Over Declan Rice Transfer Saga; Advantage Manchester City!

The Gunners have been chasing Declan Rice right through this transfer window. And it seems that West Ham are once again set to reject the third bid made by Arsenal just recently, in order to beat Manchester City in the race to get this player. That is a fact, which is being stated by a renowned journalist now.

Now, whether the football fans believe them or not, is a different thing. But we can just quote what is being said. And tag them as the source. Credibility is now, upto the fans and their belief in someone!! Don’t SHOOT the messenger!!

What Was The Latest Update From Jacob Steinberg Regarding The 3rd Arsenal Bid For Declan Rice!?

Well, it’s best if we showed you. And then you, the fans, can decide what is being said. And how, there is a narrative from both sides is clearly visible. Some journalists are hoping that Arsenal signs the player soon. Others want the bidding war to go on and on, to fill their plates.

But with Steinberg, he has stated some facts!! Do check them out!!

At the end of the day, a journalist does not control transfers. We just report them. And that is what our job is!! So, if the deal does get done soon, Arsenal fans across the globe will be surely delighted. And we will be onto the next story.

Where Will Declan Rice End Up After This Transfer Saga!?

This transfer is far from done. Both teams want the player, as made clear by a recent post!!

Well, so many updates on the entire transfer saga. And so, the fans want to know each and every bit of it. Gooners across the globe are hopeful that Mikel Arteta and co. can get the deal done now.

However, for all Arsenal fans, this is a clear sign of things to come. This transfer saga is going to go on through July for sure. The North Londoners don’t sign any player this easily. They have to indulge in all sorts of long-term transfer sagas, before getting any vital player. And needless, I say, Declan Rice seems to be VITAL!!

At the end of the day, both clubs seem to want him now. Manchester City were slow to react initially and were focused on other deals. However, it seems that the Cityzens are now looking at signing him. And are more serious than ever.

West Ham is waiting for a second bid from the Manchester-based side as well. And it will be interesting to see how this transfer saga develops now!!


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