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Havertz Vs Mac Allister; Arsenal Fan Calls Out The Hypocrisy Of Media Outlets Over Hypocrisy Surrounding Both Deals

Arsenal Fan Honest Verdict!! With the summer transfer window going on at present, a host of clubs have signed a lot of top players and are looking at multiple other options to bring into their squad. Teams are in the market with serious ambition, as they want to do better than the previous campaign. Ambition is the perfect word that is being associated with a lot of clubs. And it showing in the money being spent!!

At present, the Premier League has a lot of money being spent. Top clubs within the country are buying and even trying to sell their players. Transactions are going on as we speak. And the level of scouting and monitoring good players just won’t stop.

Deals are in the pipeline as we speak. Every top club wants to sign as many quality players as possible. Everyone is looking to enhance their squad depth. And clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool don’t want to be left behind either!!

Havertz Vs Mac Allister; Arsenal Fan Verdict About Media Biasedness!!

There is no doubt that there is some sort of a media agenda going on within the UK. Arsenal are not rated as highly as some others. And when players are signed by the Gunners, things can be dismissed with regards to proper detailing.

On the other hand, Manchester United and Liverpool are generally well-protected. Even some of the new clubs in the mix do get this treatment. But Arsenal are more or less at the end of high amounts of criticism, generally speaking!!

And so, a fan on Twitter lost his cool after seeing this hypocrisy and favouritism. He posted a Tweet about two deals that needed to be called out.

Below is the Tweet!!

Factuality Of This Tweet And More Details On The Two Deals!!

Well, the individual who has Tweet this out is absolutely correct!! The Mac Allister deal isn’t just worth £35m. That is the initial amount that is being paid. Further, there are add-ons that could take it to £55m. But this fact did not get highlighted in the media. And so, he is not wrong.

However, in the case of Kai Havertz, the higher amount was being focused on. The total amount, along with add-ons, was part of every media outlets chats. And so, if the German international does not perform up to the mark, it can easily invite more criticism.

Whereas, the former Brighton man’s deal is the ‘steal of the century’, as per some!! And this has not gone down well with a lot of Arsenal fans, for sure!! They have every right to be unhappy with the way that the media has treated these deals so differently.

Already, there is a biasedness when reporting ‘on-season’ content. And now doing it during the transfer window too, is just not right. Let us know what you guys think!!?


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