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Real Madrid Target Lashes Out Strongly At Barcelona; Fans Are Shocked

The La Liga has two top clubs that more or less run the League. Real Madrid and Barcelona, the fierce rivals that have dominated European football together for decades in phases. It is one of the best in the World and the football fans know it. They love every minute of it, on and off the pitch.

However, sometimes, things happen that are not desirable. And this can actually bring shame to a particular club if true. Players come out and make statements or comments that can really instigate hate. But whether or not, the comments are true, is another thing in itself.

The Recent Comments By Real Madrid Target Alphonso Davies About FC Barcelona That Shocked The Footballing World!!

When a young footballer (22), comes out and claims that he was not signed due to his nationality, it doesn’t look for any top club from across the globe. Especially, when that club has a global fanbase that admires and adores it. And such is the case in this particular instance. And it has attracted a lot of negativity and hate from various section of fans, for Barcelona.

The young versatile Bayern Munich full-back Alphonso Davies recently revealed that ex-Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu rejected the chance to sign him at the Camp Nou, due to his nationality. See, the thing about Bartomeu has been that, he has done a lot of wrong things. And he got what he deserved.

However, if this holds true, it can be really bad PR for the club. Though, Bartomeu is no more in-charge, such things don’t tend to go away. And that is why FC Barcelona need to be really careful how they move forward with this. It is a strong claim that has been made.

A lot of top level management can react to the comment. But ideally, it is best to stay away from it and not give it too much air. As it is, the regime has now changed at the club. So, the likes of Bartomeu have been dumped already.

Plus, Davies is linked to Real Madrid now. This makes things a bit about bitter rivalries, as it is. So, the Catalan club will be hoping that the news slowly fades away with time. And that Xavi and co. can focus on the actually important things at hand.

What Next For The Club; Now That Lionel Messi Isn’t Coming To The Camp Now!?

It is time for Barca to move on and look for alternatives. They don’t have a huge budget. But can utilize whatever money they have saved from the Messi deal. And if utilized in the right way, with a return to UCL football already happening in the upcoming season, the club can bring in some real talent.

They will want to add more quality players that can ensure that they win more trophies in the upcoming season. Let’s see what Xavi and co. can deliver now, after winning the League in the previous campaign!!


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