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3 Reasons Why Players Are Preferring To Join Arsenal Over Manchester City

Arsenal and Manchester City are two of the biggest clubs from the Premier League, based on what they have done in the League last term. While the Gunners ended the campaign in 2nd place, the Cityzens ended up winning the treble. And both teams have been trying to improve their squads in the current transfer window.

The two English sides have been involved with transfer sagas, with Arsenal winning the Declan Rice one recently. And though it would be easier for Manchester City to sign players, that is not always the case.

Mikel Arteta and co. have done a great job convincing players to do otherwise. And it seems that the trick is working. But fans wonder what could be the reason!? Assured trophies are always more attractive, aren’t they!?

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Players Are Currently Preferring Arsenal Over Manchester City!?

Assurance Of Regular Game-Time And Importance In The Team

The Gunners can offer any player more stability. Mikel Arteta also doesn’t rotate his squad randomly every week just for the misery of the onlookers, especially the Fantasy Football players. This makes a player more secure about his chances to play in the starting XI, if he performs well.

Plus, with lesser players to choose from (in comparison to Manchester City), Arteta will have to make work with what he has. Guardiola has his preferences and the squad is full of talents, which haven’t even been utilized properly just yet. They are themselves waiting for more opportunities. The likes of Kalvin Phillips and Julian Alvarez are on top of this list.

So, at the end of the day, when a player does get free titles, but ruins his chances of playing regular football and possibly selected for the national team on a consistent basis, they opt to go to a club that will assure them game-time. That club is Arsenal at present. And so, London is more attractive than Manchester (which is obviously the case, haha!!).

Uncertainty Of Pep Guardiola Remaining At Manchester City!!

There have been a lot of talks in the media about the potential exit of Pep Guardiola from the Etihad. A lot of sources, both credible and non-credible have suggested that the Spaniard could take another job in the years to follow. That could happen when his current contract expires. Or if he opts to leave in the near future, prior to that.

It is still not certain what he will do when he does leave. But just the possibility of an exit has been spoken of on multiple occasions. But with Arsenal and Arteta, that seems highly unlikely, as it is his first managerial job.

Arteta has turned down offers from the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and PSG (as per claims) to focus on the task at hand in North London. And the Kroenkes also have backed him all the way. This shows that the relationship is surely going to be a long-term one. And everyone seems to be onboard with it.

Staying In London And Assurance Of A Better Long-Term Future With Arsenal

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that London is the city to be in England. The capital is one of the most historic cities in the world. And the quality of life is considered one of the best. So, if any person or a footballer for that matter, would want to choose between London and Manchester, the answer would be a simple one.

To add to that, Arsenal generally keeps their players way-longer than Manchester City. The Cityzens don’t give as much importance to their players, as the Gunners too. Plus, the huge fanbase that the Londoners have, adds to that influence.

Lastly, there is a lot more to do with Arsenal, than there is with City. The latter have had a lot of top players that could have been utilized better. But that has not been the case. And game-time is something that keeps players happy. And so, many of them tend to become bench-warmers or just in the squad for titles.

If a player is desperate to win titles, then he would surely choose Manchester City. But if someone wants to make his name as a footballer that actually won something because of his contribution throughout a full-campaign, they would surely prefer Arsenal!!


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