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Has This Arsenal Fan Revealed A Huge Spoiler About The Wenger Statue!?

The Wenger statue has got every Arsenal fan on Social Media excited. Apparently, it has arrived at the Emirates. And is ready to be showcased in front of the stadium for the generations to remember and talk about. Once that does happen, Arsene Wenger will be finally immortalized physically too.

It is just what every Gooner would have wanted for years now. And finally, that day is nearly upon us. It’s time for the Wenger statue to take its rightful place. And the fans are just loving everything about the club at present.

One Minute Detail About The Wenger Statue That Quite A Few Arsenal Fans Might Have Missed!!

Not every fan got to see the video of the Wenger statue up-close. And the ones that did, know that there is one major detail. The fans are excited and in this excitement might have overlooked one thing. However, some Gooners did notice it. And one of them put out a Tweet about the same!!

Now, we all know which trophy that is going to be. Don’t we!? And apparently, the statue will be unveiled tomorrow (as per Social Media claims). If that is the case, then what a time to do it. After the solid performance last season, Arsenal is in the news for all the right reasons.

This could possibly be the image that might be replicated (as per what has been revealed so far)!!

Arsene Wenger doesn't know what he will do with Invincibles ...

The Gunners will only want to build on it. And they have gone out and spend a good chunk of money to make that happen next season. Plus, a return to Champions League football adds more value to that.

What Next For The Gunners; Can They Do One Better Next Term!?

The ambition of Mikel Arteta is to win trophies and titles. He is not here to just be a good manager. He wants greatness. And aims to be the best consistently. For that, the owners have already spent big money. And it is now time to deliver for the Spaniard.

He has been given the players that he needs, including Kai Havertz too. And so, it is now time for the football to do the talking. And the team to win something. If they fail to do that, then all this hype will be for nothing. And the fans will not be pleased with the eventual outcome.

The expectations are really high at present. The Gooners are keen to win more silverware and are backing the manager and the team. But, it’s the HOPE that eventually kills. And the fans will want that things are different. Like it has been so far, under Mikel Arteta.

And the Wenger statue will only add more to the momentum that the team is building. He is a club LEGEND without a doubt. And there wouldn’t be an Arsenal fan that would say, that he doesn’t deserve the honour. It is well-deserved and well-earned. And where we are today, Wenger has played a huge part in that!!

So, it is finally time to once again honour the BIG MAN aka Le Boss. And watch him stand in front of the club with that GOLDEN PREMIER LEAGUE TROPHY in hand!! #COYG


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