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Chelsea Close To A Double Deal; Signing Can Be Confirmed In The Next Few Days!?

Chelsea News: Italian giants Juventus have set their sights on Chelsea’s star striker, Romelu Lukaku, and are reportedly insistent on a £66.6m transfer, with their young talent Dusan Vlahovic heading to Stamford Bridge as part of the deal. The situation has garnered attention from various media outlets, including the Daily Mail, which has shed further light on the matter.

Chelsea Has An Interest In Vlahovic And Lukaku’s Uncertain Future Helps Their Cause

The Daily Mail reports that Chelsea is willing to pay £38.5 million for Dusan Vlahovic, but there are doubts regarding the club’s genuine interest in the 23-year-old Serbian forward. According to Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, Chelsea had considered Vlahovic as a potential target earlier in the summer. Still, they eventually dropped the idea, leaving his future at the London club in question.

Lukaku’s situation at Chelsea is also under scrutiny. The Belgian striker, who earns a staggering £350,000-a-week, appears to be on the club’s chopping block as they seek a resolution to his high wages and uncertain future. Despite lucrative offers from Saudi Arabia, Lukaku reportedly prefers to stay in Europe, adding further complexity to the transfer negotiations.

Juventus’ Ploy To Offload Lukaku And Gain Financial Advantage

Juventus’ insistence on the Lukaku-for-Vlahovic deal raises eyebrows and suggests an ulterior motive. The Italian club seems determined to offload Lukaku and has found an opportunity to do so by using the talented Vlahovic as a bargaining chip. However, the move also comes with a hefty price tag for Chelsea, as Vlahovic’s wages at Juventus stand at approximately £215,000-a-week, and the transfer fee is expected to be around £34 million.

The Pressuring Game: Analyzing The Juventus-Chelsea Transfer Talks

As the negotiations between Juventus and Chelsea continue, it becomes evident that Juventus is leveraging the potential Vlahovic transfer to force Chelsea into accepting Lukaku’s departure. The pressure tactic aims to solve Chelsea’s financial burden concerning Lukaku’s salary while simultaneously bolstering Juventus’ financial position with the incoming transfer fee for Vlahovic.

The looming transfer deal has put Chelsea’s manager, Mauricio Pochettino, in a challenging position. Pochettino must carefully consider whether he genuinely wants Vlahovic in his squad or if he is being coerced into the deal solely to facilitate Lukaku’s exit, as the urgency to offload Lukaku is understandable, and Vlahovic was previously deemed unsuitable for the club.

Chelsea’s initial refusal to pursue Dusan Vlahovic earlier in the summer raises questions about the reasons behind their change of heart. Pochettino must carefully analyze the player’s style, adaptability to the team’s tactics, and potential impact on the squad’s dynamics. Simply accepting Vlahovic as part of the Lukaku transfer without genuine interest in the Serbian forward could prove detrimental to Chelsea’s long-term goals.

Financial Ramifications Of The Lukaku-For-Vlahovic Deal

While Chelsea has shown interest in Vlahovic, they must weigh the financial consequences of bringing in a player with significant wage demands. Offloading Lukaku will alleviate the wage burden, but taking on Vlahovic’s substantial salary could create a new financial challenge for the club. Pochettino and the Chelsea board must carefully consider the financial implications before committing to the deal.


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