Though Arsenal managed to beat Premier League champions Liverpool in the Community Shield to lift another title, things were not as smooth as they would have liked them to be. The Gunners did start off positively in the first half, only to concede in the second. The game saw its ups and downs, with the match ending in 1-1 at full time.

Penalty kicks were the need of the day and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored the winner for his side. On the other hand, it was Rhian Brewster who missed his kick for the Reds. However, it was a close contest with the north London giants winning it at the end.

What Was All The Fuss On Social Media About?

Like every other game that Arsenal play, there were still some problems in this one. A section of the fans was angry at what they saw, despite the win. The Community Shield has been often tagged as a “glorified friendly”.

Though the Gunners won it, some still were unhappy with the challenge that one of the Liverpool players put it. It went unpunished and VAR did not interfere as well. The player in the crossfire was Naby Keita and his challenge was on Eddie Nketiah.

Below is a video of the challenge that was totally ignored, with no punishment at all-

A lot of fans had the opinion that if it was the other way round, this would have surely been a red card. Earlier in the previous campaign, Eddie Nketiah was sent off for a far-less harsh challenge than this. It was the game against Leicester City, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

What Is The Main Problem With VAR?

A lot of refereeing decisions have not been going in favour of the north London giants. Due to this, the Gooners have not really been pleased about these calls. They have been pointing fingers at the VAR as well, which has been added to help the referees to make the right calls.

However, that does not seem to be the case. There were so many incidents right across the season that cost the Gunners some key points. The fans have been trying to highlight them for weeks.

There has been no clear reason as to why some of the decisions were not even referred. There can be some kind of a change with regards to that in the upcoming campaign. It was the first full season that VAR was implemented. There are bound to be more updates.

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Another Title For Mikel Arteta And Arsenal

Arsenal won yet another title in the span of three weeks. Though the title wasn’t a major one, each one does count at the end of the day. The fans will be delighted by the fact that things went well for them. It was a crucial win, as any win against Liverpool is always good.

Things will be a bit different when the two sides meet in the league for sure. A few key players were missing for both sides and Arsenal came out on top. Due to this, things could get interesting then. Let’s wait and watch.