Social media and trolling stuff are getting involved more and more in the circle of football and even football players are being attacked these days by the fowl trolling memes and photos over the internet and social media. The former Chelsea midfielder is being trolled in Instagram recently and the Serbian didn’t just digest the insult but replied with a strong reply.

Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic took aim at his former club Chelsea online, after being trolled over his current side’s Premier League struggles. The Serbian was in Stamford Bridge in a pair of separate time zones, first from 2009-2011, and then from 2014-2017. The second spell of the defensive midfielder in London saw him playing a key and instrumental role in the Blues clinching a pair of Premier League titles. Moreover, it appeared like a surprise when the board at Stamford Bridge allowed Matic to join one of the club’s direct rivals for the English top-flight crown, Manchester United, last summer. Antonio Conte, the manager on duty was also keen to offload the midfielder and he brought in Bakayoko in place of the Serbian. Matic has been admirable in the Old Trafford too in his one season so far though Manchester United have been sloppy in many occasions. Jose Mourinho and co though had the second position in the league table but that 19 points gap from the champions Manchester City will always give them heartbreaks. However, the start of the current campaign has been a different story for the Red Devils. Manchester United have already fallen to a pair of defeats in their four-match journey so far. Though the prestigious club had a victory today against Burnley where Romelu Lukaku, but it has been a sloppy start for the Premier League winner leaders. Two shocking defeats came back to back for the Old Trafford guys where they were thrashed by Brighton first and then Mourinho’s men were trounced 3-0 by Tottenham last time out. Controversies aroused regarding Mourinho’s incapability to provide victories and the compatibility of the squad also.

And the struggles and bad days were being endured by United and led to Nemanja Matic being targeted by Chelsea fans online. It was a meme which was posted on the Instagram telling that Matic will never win another Premier League title as he has joined Manchester United. However, the Serbian was in no mood to take the meme in a light way and he felt insulted. He went against just lying down and ignoring and quickly hit back in brilliant fashion.

Matic hit his former side’s fans where it hurt the most, questioning their failure to qualify for the Champions League this season and this defines not only his temperament but his values to the Champions League. Chelsea are unable to play in the Champions League this season as they haven’t finished in the top four positions of the league table. They are in the Europa League with Arsenal as well.