The Fernando Torres Saga- Adolescence is the most beautiful span of our lives. The period of bloom and the first of many roller coasters in the amusement park of emotions. Experiencing these emotions is no less than an adventure. The best part of this emotional journey? Yes, the feeling of love. Before, diving into this trend of defining love as unidirectional, as teenagers love is the girl next door who one fine day looks like princess Diana on Christmas eve. Some of this love finds a trajectory and some do not. And amidst everything merry and memorable about adolescence is the first heartbreak long before one knows what falling in love means.

Sitting on the couch and shuffling between channels, the news appeared on the top. This feeling of disappointment was a knife passing through the heart. The date was 31st January 2011 and the newsreader on the telly had just announced that Fernando Torres had completed a move to Chelsea.

The Liverpool Premier League 25 – 5 Fernando Torres - Liverpool Echo

Fernando Torres To Liverpool

Long before, the meaning of love was known, hearts were breaking in Liverpool and this time it was beyond mere consolation. The man they were letting go was once the heartthrob they had craved for. For the teenagers of Liverpool, Fernando Torres was breaking their hearts long before they knew how love felt like. Liverpool number 9s in the modern era have had the affection of the Scousers but none have been loved the way El Nino was. He was worth the affection, for most of the time when the adults of today where then teenagers, they had seen Manchester United dominate Liverpool.

Paradigms are like a tectonic plate, all it needs is a bit of that push. On a gloomy afternoon in 2009, Fernando Torres not only won the hearts of the travelling Kop but also made it sure that he was dreaded and booed by the devils of Stretford End. Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand in defence, Sir Alex Ferguson in the Manchester United dugout, all they could do were curse themselves.

When Torres arrived in England for the first time, reports were published that on his day, Fernando Torres was unplayable. Cristiano Ronaldo was the talk of the town before that day and one of the biggest witnesses of the saying coming alive. He kissed the Liverbird in the badge and raised his right hand. Liverpool had won it five times, a hated remembrance from the most hated person in Old Trafford. First time in many years, questions were raised on the back four of Man United, with Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch, Fernando Torres left the field to the loudest cheer from the travelling Kop in a silent Old Trafford.

Fernando Torres: The Chelsea 'flop' who still stole fans' hearts ...

The Chelsea Saga

Now, these were only memories, Torres left Anfield for London. In London, he won trophies but the hearts won at Anfield were still inside the pocket of his ripped jeans. The Torres in red could never pop up in blue. Injuries, form and disappointment, Fernando Torres fell from his peak like Icarus. A nightmare for defenders in blonde hair, El Nino was now travelling across Europe to find form and stability. To be honest the feeling of seeing your beloved sinking into the vast ocean of criticism is somewhat like a black hole inside the void left behind.

It pulls you off by your strings to make you walk through those long lost lanes of nostalgia. The heartache remains persistent but deep down inside. The desire to see the old Torres back burnt brighter than ever. A loan spell with AC Milan in Italy did not work for the Spanish marksman. He finally, it was home where both his heart and feet lied. Atletico Madrid’s youngest captain was back home leading the pack for his boyhood club.

Time is the ultimate reaper and for Fernando, his days have come to an end. The teenagers of the yesteryears have grown up to become adults. They have gone on to love and put their hearts out for their darlings. When the lights go dim, and the temperature goes down that’s when the memories of the lad from sunny Spain. His armband proved he was a Red. You’ll never walk alone it said.