Jose Mourinho was sacked by the club management of Manchester United on Tuesday. The decision of sacking their manager came right after the defeat against Liverpool on Sunday. This is not the first time Jose Mourinho has been sacked from a club. Previously also, he was sacked from the clubs like Chelsea, Inter etc.

So, a question will surely come in the mind of the viewers. Why does the same thing repeat for Jose Mourinho in all the clubs? Most of the times he was saying sacked in the middle of the third season. Here we will discuss about the similarities between Jose Mourinho’s sacking from Manchester United and Chelsea.

Manchester United were not in that much bad position of Chelsea in 2015. Chelsea were almost in the relegation zone in that season under the management of Jose Mourinho. The players were overconfident after winning the Premier League title in the previous season. The Blues were completely looking a different team altogether from the previous season. So, Jose Mourinho had to be sacked as the players were starting to complain about the manager’s attitude. The dressing room problems started to arrive. So, the sacking of the manager was inevitable.

Jose Mourinho came back as the manager of Manchester United in 2016-17 season. In his first season at charge at Chelsea, Jose Mourinho stated that he would destroy Manchester United’s legacy in English football. So, it was very clear that Manchester United were never a place where  Jose Mourinho would like to work. However, the Portuguese manager joined the Red Devils to take the revenge on his previous club. There was several heated conversation between him and Antonio Conte in the previous season. There were some disrespectful comments on the Chelsea fans by Jose Mourinho.

In the first season at charge, Jose Mourinho won three trophies with Manchester United. Despite finishing at the sixth position in the League Table, Manchester United were able to play in the snow Champions League in the next season for winning the Europa League.In the previous season, Manchester United finished at the second position in the League Table. The side were not able to win any trophy in that season. In this season, Manchester United are looking like an ordinary side. Though their performances against the big sides have been commendable in this season. Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United were able to beat Juventus at Turin in the Champions League Group Stage match which ensured their qualification to the next round of the competition.

If we try to find out the reasons of the sacking of Jose Mourinho, the first thing which will come in our mind will be his relationship with Paul Pogba. Secondly the open criticism about his own players in front of the media and finally his same old kind of defensive playing style is not working nowadays. Manchester United are currently situated at the sixth position in the League Table. The top four finish is looking like a tough ask for the side at this moment. In 2004, Mourinho told that his mission was to destroy Manchester United. By the end of 2018, it is seeming that the mission has been accomplished by Jose Mourinho.