Manchester United’s goalkeeper David De Gea’s contract is going to expire after the end of this season. The manager of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho has told that he is unsure about the extension of contract of David De Gea. The Portuguese manager has claimed that the club management of the Red Devils have not yet talked with De Gea about his contract extension. The top European clubs have shown their interest to bring in David De Gea in the next summer transfer window. David De Gea has been a great performer for Manchester United for the last few seasons. The Spanish Goalkeeper has saved the day for Manchester United in several occasions since his arrival at Old Trafford.

There were some issues regarding the transfer of David De Gea few seasons back in the summer transfer window. Real Madrid and Manchester United agreed about the transfer fee of David De Gea at the last moment of the deadline day. However, the fax machine got the transfer delayed and ultimately the transfer did not happen. After that Real Madrid have lost their interest completely on David De Gea. In this summer transfer window of 2018-19 season, the Los Blancos have roped in Thibaut Courtois. So, it is seeming to be impossible that Real Madrid will go for David De Gea in near future.


However, the interests are strong from the top European clubs like Juventus. Juventus do not have much good Goalkeepers in their squad except Szczesny. Juventus might go to a big money move for David De Gea in this summer transfer window. Though, the Spanish Goalkeeper has clarified that at this point of time he is totally devoted to Manchester United. He is not thinking about moving to another club right at this moment. The Goalkeeper has also confirmed that he would surely talk with the officials of Manchester United. The club management of Manchester United should not let David De Gea go in the next season as the Spanish Goalkeeper is the most important player of them in the last four seasons.

On the other hand, David De Gea is also interested to stay at Old Trafford. The club management of the Red Devils should utilize this situation. David De Gea might be ready to sign a new contract for the Red Devils with a comparatively lesser amount of wages for the Red Devils. In this circumstances the comments of Jose Mourinho on the expiration of his contract. It has raised several questions over the relationship between Jose Mourinho and the star Goalkeeper. The club management of the Red Devils should make contact with the star Spanish Goalkeeper about the contract extension.


David De Gea saga could take interesting turn in the next summer transfer window. The club management of the Red Devils should be successful to make him ready to sign a new contract by that time period. Otherwise the things could turn to something worse like the situation of Thibaut Courtois with Chelsea FC in this season’s summer transfer window.