Things can really change in a short span of time, which has been once again evident by the career of Real Madrid’s Luka Modric, who was voted as the worst signing of the La Liga, five years ago. The former Tottenham man has since then proven that he is one of the best midfielders in the world, with a number of titles to his name, including three consecutive Champions League triumphs.

Never judge a book by its cover and never judge a player just based on a club that can’t be considered one of the biggest ones in Europe, at present. Spurs is an English side that is really growing quickly, though it will take them at least a few decades more (if they are lucky), to reach the level of Arsenal and Chelsea.

With that being said, Modric made the move away from the north London giants at the right time. However, had he stayed for the Mauricio Pochettino era, he could have possibly made a major difference to the team now. Despite that, with the money that his former club made from the sale, they did utilize for making a lot of changes and additions to their squad, which has led them to this moment where they have now become more or less an English top-gun.

Over the years, the Croat has developed into one of the key stars in Madrid and has only improved with time, under the likes of Ancelotti and then Zidane. He has claimed his place in the playing eleven and also won the Golden Ball at the World Cup this year, guiding his national team to the finals of the tournament in Russia.

After winning FIFA’s Best Player Of The Year award, the midfielder is also a contender for the Ballon D’Or now and is one of the favourites to win it this year, though his ex-team-mate Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will be in the race as well. If he manages to beat them both and that is actually the case, it will be a shocker for so many of the fans that must have voted for him back then to be named the worst signing.

Anything is possible when you are determined and put in a lot of hard-work to outshine your rivals, which has been once again been proven. Modric was never the strongest or the most athletic player in his side, though his will to go on and make an impact has made him one of the best stars in the world of football today.

He showcased his skills and leadership qualities at the grand stage, where his team lost the finals to France and has been doing so at the club level for so long now too. Though Los Blancos have not been at their very best since the start of the new campaign, they now have a chance to recover and fight back to establish themselves as a force to reckon with once again. Players like Modric can really contribute to help rebuild the future of the reigning champions of Europe now.