France will go head to head against Argentina in the round of 16 clash in the World Cup on Saturday. It is surely going to be a high voltage match as both teams have fair chances to qualify for the Quarter Final of the biggest show in the Earth. Both the teams have a set of players who can be crucial for their respective sides on the given day to win the match for their side. Out of two teams, France are looking like a more compact team on paper than Argentina. Here we will discuss about three French players who can play key role against Argentina to help them going to the next round :


1. Antoine Griezmann :


We have yet not seen the best from Antoine Griezmann so far in the World Cup for France. Maybe that’s why we have still not seen the best from France yet in this World Cup. But, still they have managed to finish in the top of the Group C in the World Cup. Antoine Griezmann can change the colour of the match anytime any day. We have seen his great performance in France colours in the Euro 2016. He was one of the key players who were vital for the achievement of France to reach the Final of the prestigious tournament just two years ago. Probably, in this match Didier Deschamps will use Antoine Griezmann in more attacking role where he will be much comfortable to play rather than playing in the attacking midfield position.

2. N’Golo Kante :


N’Golo Kante has to play an instrumental role in the midfield of France in the match against Argentina. It is going to be a great test for him to destroy the attacks of Argentina in the midfield area of the field. This big match will be a battle between the midfield of two teams and France will be way ahead of Argentina in terms of the midfield options in their hand. The combination of N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba is one of the best combinations we can ever expect to be present in a team. The attacking flair of Paul Pogba along with the defensive quality of N’Golo Kante are surely keeping France ahead of Argentina ahead of the match.

3. Hugo Lloris :


Hugo Lloris is considered as one of the top Goalkeepers in the footballing World right now. Still now, we have not seen the best from Hugo Lloris yet in this World Cup. Hugo Lloris was also not in the starting line up of France in the previous match against Denmark in the last Group Stage match. It might be a plan of the National head coach of France Didier Deschamps to keep him motivated ahead of the knockout stage games. The attacking quality of Argentina will surely test the young defense of the French National side and Hugo Lloris will have to play his best game against Argentina to keep his side in the contest in the round of 16 clash on Saturday at Kazan Area in Russia.