Hardik Pandya

Things did not go right for Team India in the first T20I against England. Not just were they beaten comprehensively, they could just not get a grip on the game. Yes, it was possibly a hangover of the two Test series that they had played. However, there were no excuses that could make the fans any happier. Further, Hardik Pandya had a moment with the fans at the Narendra Modi Stadium that saw him lose his temper.

It is in the second innings when England was batting. They were already chasing quite a mediocre total and didn’t need to really do much. After dominating Team India in every department, there was not much left in the match. The English bowlers and fieldsmen had a perfect day and everything was going their way.

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Eoin Morgan would have been proud of the way that his team played. They outclassed their opposition in every department. That is the exact reason why they are the best T20 team in the world at present. They won the game by eight wickets and 27 balls to spare.

They didn’t look rusty at all. Everything they did from their bowling to their fielding to the batting looked smooth as silk. It seemed that only one team had shown up on the day. This would have been really frustrating for Virat Kohli too, who himself failed with the bat. He scored yet another duck in his career.

Hardik Pandya

What Was The Incident That Happened And Why Did Hardik Pandya Actually Lose His Temper?

Hardik Pandya is known to be a rather quiet personality till something really gets to him. He is calm and composed generally but when angry, he is just at another level. That was the case once again in the first T20I. However, this time, it was the fans at the Narendra Modi Stadium that really got to him.

The incident happened in the fifth over of the game. Local boy Axar Patel was bowling to Jos Butler. The England wicket-keeper hit the left-arm spinner for a six into the stands on the fourth delivery of his over. The ball went sailing over Hardik Pandya’s head. The Indian players didn’t really seem happy about the fact that the English batsmen were batting so comfortably on a pitch that they struggled to play on.

With that being said, Hardik Pandya waited for the fans to return the ball. That is something that the fans who were disappointed by their team’s performance were not really willing to do.

Here is the video of the entire incident and the reaction of Hardik Pandya, he did not look happy at all!!  

Team India Have Only Themselves To Blame For This Poor Performance And Loss

Well, though the fans gave the ball back and all was good, Hardik Pandya was still not happy. However, it was the team’s performance that was the real reason for his frustration. The way that Team India played would have not really made anyone happy. They were just too damn poor on the night.

Hopefully, Virat Kohli and co. can now pull their socks up and bat better. Their batting clearly let them down and if they don’t improve, their chances in the upcoming T20 World Cup could be next to nil. Hardik Pandya will surely play a crucial role in their success too. Hopefully, he can find the form that he showcased back in Australia when the team needed him the most.