India’s tremendous past with football started in 1950 and this golden era lasted until 1962. This period shed mild on Indian football and they went on to play the Asian games and win the gold medal in 1951. They were misplaced in the first spherical of Olympic Games in the subsequent year, however a few years later India won gold in the Asian games, yet again, in 1954. It is hard to think about India taking part and standing up to the mighty France, but it did happen.
Can you imagine how we might have performed then? We drew 1-1 France, but we did still get knocked out at the Olympics hosted in Rome. ‘1962’ saw the final 12 months of this Golden Era of Indian Football.
However, we did still earn the title of being the runners-up in the Asian Games in 1964. Those were the years when Indian football was at its prime. After that, we in no way honestly gained any substantial momentum to make a major impact in a tournament like the Asian Games.

Surprisingly, cricket established a better dynamic in the country. We excelled in the sport, which naturally drew attention toward them. From this game emerged severe intelligence and subsequent victories. Due to this frenzy the recreation grew to be famous enough, so much that kids began playing it on the streets.

Once cricket blossomed onto the scene, football misplaced its preliminary thunder. Especially after the Indian Cricket Team so famously gained the 1983 World Cup, the situation worsened for Indian football. The 90’s kids appeared to be attracted to Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid and so on. As a result, India’s paid little attention to their very own league and targeted on leagues of foreign nations. With the nascent support, Indian soccer became fragmented

India’s scouting gadget was once poor. For instance, Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar are some of the satisfactory names in the game and all of them had been scoured by way of clubs. We continually lacked a scouring gadget and put undue pressure on academics.
It is ingrained in children that barring education, success is impossible. So the Indian equivalent of Messi would likely stop up doing engineering. We don’t lack talent. Look around! We have the second best population, so the amount of talent simply can’t be negligible.
It’s simple to imagine how anyone would switch to watch the Premier League or the La Liga. Sure they have better standards, but does that imply you should not attempt to improve the requirements of the sport in your very own nation?
India is trying to make a comeback in football. An Under-17 World Cup was hosted. ISL has been a essential aspect in the sport’s growth in the country. Some gorgeous young intelligence has long gone forward to signify India.
Of late, Nishu Kumar who performed for Bengaluru FC, was presented to play for India. Jerry Young who played for Chennaiyin FC additionally got an opportunity to play. After having a appropriate season with Bangalore FC, Subhasish went on to play the Intercontinental Cup. He has now moved onto Mumbai City FC.
Chhetri started a social media campaign, calling out followers to come and watch them play. He said ” shout at us, abuse is, cheer for us, but please come and watch us play”
This had a high-quality have an impact on which was once considered as a lot of fans attended the next game.
Apart from that, Chhetri additionally scored the subsequent recreation in opposition to Kenya. Contestants included India, New Zealand, Chinese Taipei, Kenya.
India received the Intercontinental Cup.
Don’t you cheer for your own nation ?  How can anyone not get goosebumps while gazing their country play in the World Cup? Now you would possibly as well as how can fanbases grow and enlist their support? The answer is easy sufficient : Show the equal love and aid to everybody Indian club, just the way you go and aid an English club. Go to the matches.
A team’s performance also depends, if now not entirely, but to a great extent on the support from the fan-base. Once you begin gazing Indian clubs, you will sooner or later get to looking at the Indian team play too. This is the trade we need when it comes to the fans’ perspective.
All said and done, we can never overlook the West Block Blues fans. Regardless of other fan-bases supporting football grow, these guys absolutely are doing that. They are there every single match, armed with their own chants to sing through the night. In fact, they sing that all through each single game.
India did not go too he Asian Games, later on as the IOA believed that the group wasn’t properly enough. This upset all the fans. IOA did not want to invest in a  team they believed would lose. India was,however in properly form, what with having received the Intercontinental Cup. The selection taken with the aid of IOA used to be a bolt from the blue.
It genuinely does not help if you are looking to scale newer heights in football.

As captain Sunil Chhetri stated that the main problem with professions is that we just pass our limbs and wait till someone will become a legend in that field. We with ease respect someone of that stature.

Instead, it would be better, if we inspired and liked young talent that spawns from our country. Discovering possible and imparting assist is indispensable to any sport’s growth. We lack each of these aspects. The training amenities don’t seem to be at par with the required requirements due to insufficient cash and we don’t seem to be properly versed with figuring out workable gifted players.

“The belief is strong and the faith is everything” is the motto idealised through the West Block Blues in Kanteerva in the form of a banner. Indian football can surely up it’s sport if the players play nicely and fans support the teams and inspire them. This will raise the importance of the game in our government’s eye. And thus, better funding can be made feasible which will lead to better coaching facilities. This can be handled like a cycle which is critical for improving the activity and it’s a number of aspects.

Hopefully, India may be in a position to qualify for 2022. Otherwise there would be 48 to contest in the 2026 World Cup, as has been estimated before. This World Cup will be hosted with the aid of USA and Canada. Every Indian would favor our team to get via and qualify for the World Cup.
It would be tremendous to see Sunil Chhetri play a World Cup earlier than he retires. Let us lend our assist to the Blue Tigers and push Indian Football to in absolutely new and higher position. Obviously, this can’t manifest overnight. It requires endurance and perseverance. Let’s revel in the glamorous previous of Indian soccer and use it as inspiration. We need players, fans and authorities to exchange the state of affairs when it comes to this sport’s popularity in our country.

Let’s hope and pray that a brilliant future awaits Indian football and make contributions to the efforts that can turn it into a reality.