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Breaking: Manchester United Given More Hope In Antoine Griezmann Deal

Good news coming in for Manchester United fans as there is a still a slight chance for Antoine Griezmann to join the Red Devils, though they might have to wait for the January transfer window. This is due to Atletico Madrid’s transfer ban this season for signing too many non-Spanish youngsters. Eventually, the potential replacement for Griezmann, Alexandre Lacazette could not move to Madrid, thus the Frenchman had to stay back for the betterment of his club.

However from the recent interview of Lacazette, we come to know that he has not ruled out his move to Atletico Madrid as he could still join the club this summer but could play in January after his team registration.

Therefore if Lacazette joins Atletico Madrid this summer Antoine Griezmann might move to the English side in January.

There is a recent interest on Lacazette from the other Premier League clubs such as Arsenal and Liverpool and this might see the Frenchman move to Premier League next season and if that happen Griezmann might not sign for Manchester United this season.

It is upon Lacazette on where he wants to play next season, but being a 26 year old professional striker, he would not like to miss football for 6 months which could also make him lose his goal scoring edge.

Though, Lacazette’s interest to join the Madrid based side has still kept him in a dilemma, nothing seems certain yet.

Lacazette has been Olympique Lyonnais’s main man this season as he has scored 37 goals this season and assisted 4 times.

He has also won the Man of the Match award 10 times which is an impressive record. It would be interesting to see what decision he takes in the future.

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