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Ashley Westwood Reveals The Main Thing That Will Decide the Liverpool vs Real Madrid UCL Final

Latest Liverpool News: Ashley Westwood believes that the changes that Real Madrid and Liverpool made during the Champions League final game might end up being a significant role in determining who wins the tournament. In addition to this, the football analyst said that he does not anticipate Carlo Ancelotti and Jurgen Klopp engaging in a tactical duel.

Both Liverpool and Real Madrid’s managers deserve a lot of credit for the tremendous seasons their clubs have had this year because of the manner in which they have been able to motivate their respective squads.

During an engagement with the media, Westwood received the question about which manager he thought would have the upper hand in the final game. In response, he said that he didn’t anticipate a tactical struggle between the two sides.

However, the football analyst predicted that the substitutes would play a significant part in the game. As evidence, he used the example of how Ancelotti adjusted things during the second leg of the semi-final match against Manchester City.

“Ancelotti is a highly accomplished manager who has already won the tournament four times. So he would make history if he were to win it a fifth time. If I’m being really forthright, I don’t believe it’s going to turn out to be much of a strategic fight at all. We are familiar with the strategies used by Liverpool as well as those of Real Madrid,” Westwood said.

The Liverpool and Real Madrid seasons, both of which have been outstanding, will come to a successful conclusion with the Champions League final

Latest Liverpool News

The Champions League final will serve as a fitting conclusion to the season for two clubs who have garnered praise from all around the world: Real Madrid and Liverpool.

Real Madrid easily prevailed over their fiercest competition, Barcelona, to claim the LaLiga title with a 13-point advantage. Their exploits in the Champions League have also been remarkable. It is particularly considering that Carlo Ancelotti’s team has had to triumph over many challenges along the way.

Liverpool may not have been able to win the Premier League title this season, but they have already won two cups: the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup.

It will be intriguing to observe if the substitutes will play a significant impact in determining the outcome of the final in Paris

After Manchester City edged Liverpool out for the Premier League title by one point, Liverpool moved their attention to the UEFA Champions League final matchup against Real Madrid that will take place the following weekend.

The Reds won their last game of the season on Sunday against Wolverhampton with a come-from-behind 3-1 victory. But it wasn’t enough to award them the title. City also won their final game of the season against Aston Villa with a come-from-behind 3-2 victory.

The outcomes of the games imply that City won the league with 93 points, which is one point more than the Merseysiders.

However, the Reds still have one more game to play before they finish their season. On the other hand, City’s season came to an end when the final whistle blew.

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