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FIFA World Cup 2022 News: Revealed!! The Real Reason Why 2 Group Matches Are Kept At The Same Time

FIFA World Cup 2022 News: Not all fans are happy with the fact that they have to wait for so long to watch the games on an everyday basis. Many of them are not happy with the fact that they have to wait every day for the match to happen. Previously, the early kickoffs have gotten fans used to watching football are regular intervals.

Now, with the final match of the group stages, it’s a bit more complicated. While everyone knows why both games are being kept together, few fans know the exact reason. Ask anyone as to why it is done, they will probably tell you it’s a betting thing.

However, things are just not so simple. There is more to it than what meets the eye. Only a long-term fan or a Pundit would probably know why. That’s where Beyond The Posts comes in.

FIFA World Cup 2022 News: Has FIFA learnt from the past mistakes made in World Cups?

Recently, ESPN UK sent out a Tweet about the fact that “early morning games” were no longer a thing. This was applicable to the fans in the UK, who watched football games to start off their day. With the final games of the group featuring late, they were bored. ESPN UK made it clear!!

Many of the football fans on Twitter still did not understand this policy. They were totally against it. Some of them even commented that they wanted the games to be spread out like before. However, FIFA did not agree to this. And so didn’t a few knowledgeable fans.

Here’s the actual reason why-

So, our friend here Chris A knows the real reason and he seems to be really into the “beautiful game!!” Hopefully, he has made sense and the fans know it now. This is exactly why we don’t have games at different times. Especially, when they are ‘do or die’ matches.

No one knows the results in advance and everything happens by the book. Minute by minute a team plays without knowing the result of the other match. They score, they cheer and they entertain.

This is the latest FIFA World Cup 2022 News and we at Beyond The Posts will give bringing you updates from the tournament. Hope to bring you more information about the competition in the days to follow. Let’s wait and watch!!


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