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An Open Letter From An Arsenal Fan To The Club, Coach And Recruitment Team

It’s the hope that kills you!! Remember the MEME of an Arsenal fan doing the rounds on Social Media. Season after season, transfer window after window and big match after match, disappointment. Possibly next season, the Champions League may add even more pain. But still, we hope!!

Whether it is to sign Declan Rice or to buy a better striker, or to get a bigger squad, the fans never stop believing. Yes, there are moments of doubt, anger and frustration. But even the most pessimistic fan believes in Arsenal FC and wants to be proven wrong!!

And that can only happen, when we put our foot down. And make the Kroenkes push harder. Finishing second is great. But it’s time we won something more. Do a Liverpool or Manchester City!? Nah, do an Arsenal!!

But Where Is Will; There’s A Way And A Lot Of Problems Too!!

But the only problem is, we have stopped believing we are a big club for some reason. And watching us play and in the transfer window, other players and rivals have too. Only time they believe that, is when they want to cash in on their players. The mentality needs to change, globally!!

And yes, Mikel Arteta has been able to make a slight difference in this aspect. But there is still a long way to go. And one step, can surely be the Declan Rice signing (if it happens, ofcourse). That’s the real reason why we must be doing such purchases. Not just in this window. But every window, summer or winter!!

The price doesn’t always need to be a 100-million tag. But, at least the player needs to have some quality to showcase. Further, winter deals can cost way lesser, as teams don’t generally spend that big in that window. But the idea is for smart business to be executed for sure!!

If that happens, the club will automatically grow. Unfortunately, we are the worst in terms of selling players, despite the change in our culture. No real big sale has happened since the Iwobi deal!! And this is what is hurting the club, big time!!

A top club, not just buys top players. The manager and the recruitment knows when to get rid of the existing ones too, before they are totally washed up. This helps them to make money from players that are more or less done. Ofcourse, there can be some exceptions. Players that may still have it and will perform elsewhere. But the best teams get it right, 8/10 times for sure.

And that is what I (and hopefully we all) want Arsenal to be. Not just a club that buys big and sells none!! Business is an art. And if we are not good at doing business, then there needs to be change. Which aspect of the chain is changed, I leave that up to you!!

At The End Of The Day; What Do I Want As An Arsenal Fan!?

Why put in so much effort!? Let things be as they are!? Don’t think the Kroenkes are blind!! They can see what is happening at present. Manchester City is winning titles and trophies and expanding their horizons. They are attracting more and more fans and taking over global audiences.

They can’t match Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea at present. But soon, they could get close. In the next decade or so, fans will stop supporting clubs like Arsenal if there is nothing to cheer for. And this I say about the upcoming generations of fans, the ones that are new to football. And haven’t chosen a Premier League club yet.

The Kroenkes and the club can’t lose this global market. Ofcourse, there is inheritance for some. Their kids and grandkids will also become Arsenal fans. But do we really want to be such a backward fanbase in a few decades!? The one that grows for force and not by choice!?

Do the owners of this prestigious club wants its fanbases to decline?? Do they want to lose more and more people to rival clubs?? Or will they act when this can be stopped and changed, for good!! All these questions should haunt the Kroenkes. What does Josh want his legacy to be!?

To add to that, what does Mikel Arteta and Edu want now!? Do they want to be just another phase?? Or will they actually push for more. Hopefully, the fans get to see a better Arsenal under this regime. But at the end, it’s the hope that kills you!!


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