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Marvel VS DC Quiz : How Well Do You Know Your Comic Book Heroes?

The DC vs Marvel battle has been going on for years and years now, with the fight recently extending to the movie universe, the TV verse and even games, apart form the comic books and cartoons, which were the initial set of money and fan-base making avenues. Though, it is tough to decide, which brand is leading overall, each one has a certain hold over the other, when it comes to their “time” and they do tend to capture the market at that point.

However, off late there have been a lot of plastic fans coming up suggesting that they know it all, due to their limited knowledge from a few recently released movies and not knowing the real extent of how vast this universe is.

These so called fans, don’t know the extent of the comic verse and how deep this fight has been over the years. Though it can be said at present that Marvel is leading in terms of movies, there is a lot more to that, than what meets the eye.

Here is a small, simple quiz to test your knowledge of the comic universe, which is a mixture of both Marvel and DC and if you seriously having been following these, you won’t really need Google to answer these.

Do try it out, if you are a true fan of the factions and like to stay up to date with the comics, movies, shows, games, etc you would know most of these answers, though I have to tried to keep it simple rather.

There is an endless list of movies that can be downloaded and I myself had once made a list of just Batman and Justice League movies to watch and believe me, it took me weeks to finish those. Imagine, what would happen, if a list of movies for all heroes was made, the time needed would be enormous.

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If you score more than 7, then you are a pro and have seen a lot of great shows, movies and more over the years. If not, then there is still a lot more to go and you need to explore what you can see, as there is a lot of quality stuff going around.

Take your time, get a subscription or download the shows that are out there, as there is still so much to see. It is literally endless and with new movies coming up, time is definitely not on your side.

P.S. : This is an actual quiz, not a fake Facebook one like the ones generally online, in which if you answer anything, it shows that you were right. Those are funny, annoying and foolish and a total waste of time and I really dislike them myself, as they invite only click-baits and nothing more.

If you seriously wish to test your knowledge, just check it out and answer honestly and let’s see how many questions you can get right. If you get all right, you are surely a genius in this field. Cheers!!

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